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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Chris Cook to stay! ...should we be happy? (11/09/2011)
By John Edstrom

Well fans, Tuesday morning we got the good (?) news that Chris Cook will not have to turn in his purple jersey for good. The bad news is that there is no promise held out that he will play again this year. Don’t worry, though; he will be paid. This is all very confusing to me.

The decision to keep Cook is understandable, though surely a difficult one. How can you ever trust a guy who gives every indication of being not only stupid, but vicious as well, and in any case thoroughly unreliable? There are many answers: Cedric Griffin’s bum knees, Antoine Winfield’s mysterious neck ailment, Asher Allen’s tendency to miss tackles and lose coverage, and safeties whose play is seldom stellar. And then there is the new found tendency to give up rushing yardage.

So the decision to keep Cook has been made, and the negative effects on team morale and public perception are immediate. (Night before the big game? Let’s go out and party – it never did ol’ Chris any harm...) Given that, why not put him back on the field as quickly as possible? The wheels of justice will surely grind along at their usual ox cart speed, so why wouldn’t you get Cook back to work as quickly as possible? Better to keep him close and get a feel for his demeanor going forward than let him wander off to...what? – drown his sorrows? The devil has found work for his hands when busy – in particular, it is alleged, choking his girl friend. What good will it do to leave them idle if he is still going to be aboard the dragon ship?

Anyone who watched the Cheese barely edge out the Chargers down in San Diego, despite piling up 45 points on Aaron Rodgers’ all-world performance, has probably inkled that Green Bay has some problems on defense. On a Monday night at Lambeau Field, I am not betting on the Purple to be the ones to exploit that weakness for a victory, but it could at least be an interesting game. I expect the spread to be no more than seven.

If Antoine Winfield can stay back on the field I expect that the Vikes leaky run defense will be significantly shored up, and will continue to offer that dollar bet that the Vikes can eke out another four victories.  


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