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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Matter of Faith (11/13/2011)
Thanksgiving Thoughts

From: T.M. Schoewe

The black and orange of October and early November is past and we are one week closer to Thanksgiving Day. Last week we discussed the fearsome days our nation faces and how our thanksgiving preparation should include our earnest prayers for our country’s government. Praying for good government leads us to stop and put your “I” into your thanksgiving. Think! Recall for what we are to be in thanksgiving, and to whom?

Our forefathers came up with the term “Divine Providence” as being behind our creation as a nation and to which we should direct our thanks. For now we will stay with that thought. But next week we will attempt to get behind that thought (and show just how and to whom you should give thanks.)

Last week we promised to provide you with a list of things to be thankful for. Here is a limited list of blessings bestowed on us as a nation. It is incomplete but just to name a few: no nuclear war, no famine, abundance of food, good hospitals, good medicine, a good standard of living. For the inventors, whose inventions we take for granted, that lighten our lives with light bulbs, entertain and inform us via televisions and computers and allow us to communicate virtually anywhere at anytime with wireless cell phones. Then there is the automobile, our nation’s roads and interstates, the railroad and air travel. We should remember the public spirit to help others, all the charity drives and volunteer services, the food shelves and the thrifty people who help poor neighbors or volunteer to assist in helping people befallen by natural disasters. For the dedicated men and women in our Armed Forces and the National Guard, the teachers in our schools, and the parents who do not neglect their growing children, or the grown children who take care of and assist their aging parents. For the unsung heroes in government positions in our towns, cities, states and Washington, that put public service above personal gain. For the policemen and firefighters, and for our judges and doctors. For the churches and the Priests, Pastors and Rabbis. For the forefathers, who carved out a Bill of Rights and wrote a constitution. We stop here.

You should make your own list of what to be thankful for, especially in your own life. Your personal experience will color your thanksgiving. But one thing should be on everyone’s list. It is EVERYDAY! Every day is Thanksgiving Day, for national reasons and personal reasons. As they say in South Carolina, “tomorrow is a clean day. Forget what you did or didn’t do today. Tomorrow is a brand new, clean day.”

Just a few more thoughts on Thanksgiving. Where and to whom do we give our thanks? Going to church, singing “Come ye thankful people come” and listening to the Pastors list of prayers; maybe giving $100 to the church or world service or giving some groceries to a poor neighbor? Or do we just look around and note how better off we are compared to many who are starving and trying to survive floods and earthquakes? So you say “thank God,” we are better off! Is this our Thanksgiving? Does this get us off the hook? Is not there another question we really need to ask?

Until next week, read Psalm 106 v. 1. Oh, we will just write it out for you. “Praise the Lord. O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good, FOR His mercy endures forever.” Until next week, dwell on that word “mercy.” See if you can find a mountain and the real Thanksgiving question we all need to ask.

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