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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Godís dream come true (11/20/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


We are so blessed to have six loving children (would have been 12 if they had all lived). I guess 12 is the magic number in our clan. We have 12 great-grandchildren and almost 12 grandchildren. What a joy. Everything we have comes from God and the greatest gift is a child. God made the world with all its contents, then He made man, male and female (Adam and Eve). He then said be fruitful, thus the human race began and continues. Each child He forms and sends to parents His dream comes true.

I loved babies so much as a young girl. Eventually as I had my firstborn, a baby girl, my dream became a reality. I loved Kathleen Anne so much. I lived with my parents at the time. My husband didnít meet his daughter for eight months until he was discharged from the army. My immediate family and extended family all loved this little bundle from heaven so much too.

After eleven more pregnancies my youngest, Lynette, was just four years old when I began the journey of being a grandma. My firstborn, Kathy, now became a mom - our first grandchild, Sharon, then Sharon had her firstborn Teagan, 14 years ago. There you have part of the genealogy of the Jim and Mary Zimmerman family. Thereís a lot more.

Now I want to briefly touch on our three youngest grandchildren. Harley Marie, born at 24 weeks gestation, weighing just one pound five ounces. With her strong will mixed with lots of love and prayers, plus the expert care of the doctors and nurses at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, she has passed through many hurdles and is now a lovely 17-year-old young lady. Matthew Neil (Matt) just turned 11. I was privileged to have kept an eye on him (I guess we call it babysit, however that doesnít quite always fit) for a number of years. He is such a joy. Heís a great sports fan, fisherman and an excellent golfer. I miss not having him around much anymore, but like he once told me he doesnít have a car and I donít drive so thatís that. Then the youngest, Conner Duane, named after our son Duane (passed away in 1976). Conner is now 2 years old. We love him dearly. Thatís Godís special gift - to love. With a family our size one just keeps on giving love yet it never runs out, not even close. Conner saw all the love that was waiting for him so he decided to leave heaven a bit early. He arrived safely weighing in a 4 lbs. 1 oz. His dad survived the ordeal as well. They both shed tears of joy. Iím not sure what my eyes were doing but Iím very sure what my lips were doing.

Oh, Conner is going to be promoted to big brother quite soon. Iím sure his little brother will make him very proud. That will be another one of Godís dreams come true.

Godís Dream Come True

One day in heaven a few years ago

God had a wonderful plan.

Iíll create a child with a playful spirit

...and thatís how you began.

Iíll throw in a laugh, and, just for fun

Iíll tuck in an impish grin.

A special heart, with room for love to flow in.

Then God said, ďSee I am almost done,

Just a few more things to do.

I will make two arms just right for hugging

And eyes that twinkle like dew.Ē

And then, at last, Godís wonderful plan

Was ready for life in the world.

And God said, ďNow the time has come

For my dreams to be unfurled.Ē

So on this day we celebrate

The wonderful gift of you

Happy birthday to you and thanks be to God

For you are Godís dream come true.



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