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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Yesterday was Thanksgiving (12/04/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Well, another turkey day (Thanksgiving) has bit the dust and today is called Black Friday. Iím not sure why it has gotten so named. Our Webster says this - ďAny Friday in which there is misfortune or disaster.Ē, I guess thereís always some of that as some people act out trying to get their hands on what they had their minds on.

I had no intention of getting mixed up in this mad rush of shopping, that is until I spotted a couple of bargains, then I fell for it and talked my son, Gene, into helping me go shopping. As a tip for his efforts I bought him a new shirt (one of the items of two I had on my list). Anyway who knows, maybe next week this same item will be even cheaper, then I will have learned my lesson - sometimes bargains are not really bargains. Well, at least I didnít waste time to stand in line for hours. It seems to be Black Friday is starting more and more to take time and meaning away from celebrating Thanksgiving as it is meant to be. The delicious food we prepare and consume is in jubilation of giving thanks to Almighty God for all the gifts He gives to mankind. Gratitude is such an important, beautiful virtue, its most important we integrate it into our daily lives. Like one of my daughters said to me on the phone, ďEvery day should be a day of thanksgiving.Ē Letís pull that word apart a bit. It means we should be thankful people and giving people, then weíd quite likely be happy people. Everyoneís thankfulness may differ somewhat yet it hovers together in many ways.

I may get some static about this but perhaps we should even be thankful for our sufferings. (Mother Angelica of EWTN says we should, even migraine headaches. Well I donít know about that.) Because of them most likely we have become a more compassionate person toward the suffering of others allowing God to increase and us decrease. As I went through many sufferings I can say Iím learning to become a more positive person and express less negatively, which seems a bit hard in this world, yet there is so much good we should dwell on and thank God for.

As I get older the holidays just seem to roll around faster and faster, or does everyone experience that?

Anyway, I tried to do my part in preparation for Thanksgiving. I worked frantically the last five days to clear the piles of clutter off the kitchen table and other places, hiding it away. I have hope for the coming year to get my clutter organized.

We had a great Thanksgiving Day. Went to 8:30 a.m. Mass. Father Jim talked about the importance of being a thankful person. He said he says thank you three times. Dinner was scheduled for 12:15 p.m. Everyone brought something but I still had my obligations as well - turkey, dressing, etc. In the process I created a little fire (could have been worse). The advice I give to everyone, never put butter in a really hot fry pan. I soon found out thatís not good. I had flames shooting out, the fire alarms begin to go off, yelling you have a fire, fire, fire. I already knew that, what else is new?

As I meditate on a few ways Iím thankful for can I share them with you?

First I give thanks for my great family (immediate and extended). They bring me great joy. I love them dearly, and looking at the glass half full instead of half empty Iím encouraged to say Iím thankful for the years Duane was with us, with the hope of meeting up again some day.

Iím thankful for many answered prayers and those I know God will attend to in time. We call that trust. Oh yes, Iím thankful for the knowledge of the Divine Mercy devotion which has taught me to trust in Godís mercy for us and our children. God says, ďI never reject a contrite heart. Sooner would heaven and earth turn into nothing than would my mercy not embrace a trusting soul.Ē He alone is most worth of our trust.

Iím thankful for enough food and necessary material wealth and the grace God gives me to want to share it with the poor.

Iím also so very grateful to God that He is my heavenly Father and I am His child whom He loves (that is your privilege as well), and that we as yet have the freedom to practice our religion (not everyone has this) by attending church and receiving the Eucharist. Thank you God for everything. You are so good.

P.S. I now realize I wrote this on Thanksgiving and as I finish it up it is already Advent. I promise to dwell on that very soon, so important in todayís materialistic world. 


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