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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Vikes shooting the moon ...shh...donít tell! (12/07/2011)
By John Edstrom

Well fans, right now at Winter Park itís that same perilous moment in the card game of Hearts, when you need to slide about one more trick home before anyone tumbles to your aim to shoot the moon. Yes, the Vikes are going for the first round pick, which would be Stanfordís Andrew Luck, a 6í4Ē 235 pounder considered to be the best QB out of the college ranks in ten years. This guy could probably be traded for another teamís first pick for this year and next, with some seconds and/or thirds sprinkled in, giving the Purple a vital opportunity to reload in all areas.

To put it in perspective, the Vikes must lose for the rest of the season which, with only the 4-8 Redskins away presenting any reasonable possibility of a win, is doable. With their who-he? secondary, the Purple would not likely beat either the Lions, Saints, or Bears if they were allowed to put 12 men on the field. So look for another heroic, but ultimately losing effort out in D.C. Dec. 24.

Now comes the tricky part. The woeful Indianapolis Colts have the stellar (for our purposes, at least) record of 0-12 and must face Baltimore and Jacksonville away, and Tennessee and Houston at home for the rest of their schedule. They did put up a plucky fight against the Patriots out in Massachusetts last week, so maybe they have some foolish rookies who want to finish the season on a high note. They could easily beat Jacksonville, but the other three teams have winning records. Maybe one of them will rest their starters in anticipation of the playoffs. I know, itís a long shot, and we also have to hope for St. Louis to win one more game also.

For the diehard fan who still wants the purple-helmeted warriors to end the season with some uplifting wins, do not watch these games with any sharp instrument within reach. This secondary is in such disarray its players donít know which city theyíre in from week-to-week, let alone what part of the field theyíre supposed to cover, or which opponent. I have this perverse regret they donít have to face Aaron Rodgers again. He could easily set an all-time passing record, although they might put him in prison, like Michael Vick, for cruelty to dogs Ė just kidding!

I should end this column with a positive note, which I will by observing that Christian Ponder is playing well enough that Andrew Luck, would he fall into our hands, should indeed be traded rather than kept. Last week Ponder, Percy Harvin, Kyle Ruldoph, and even Devin Aromashodu flashed a glimpse of what is possible for this offense. Somebody better clue these guys that weíre trying to shoot the moon the rest of this season.  


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