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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Joe Webb needs to play ...only not at QB (12/14/2011)
By John Edstrom

Well fans, I almost lost it on Sunday when the Vikes had a chance to pull out the impossible win, and rooted for Joe Webb instead of Andrew Luck. But when all was said and done, I was counting draft choices, not wins and losses. In fact, if Ponder was pulled because of his poor ball security rather than the hip injury, I am with those who view his benching as yet another instance of poor judgment by Leslie Frazier. Joe Webb made it a great game, but also, with his scatter-armed passing, obvious why Ponder is the QB of the future. He should have been left in the game to learn his brutal lessons.

Rushing QBs are great only if they can pass accurately on the run. Otherwise a good defense will make the necessary adjustments and shut them down. Tim Tebow, last week, even with his horrible throwing motion reminiscent of Randall Cunningham with the two minute figure-eight wind-up, at least hit receivers that were wide open. Webb didnít .

On the other hand, if the brains running the Purple were anywhere near as talented as Webb, they would figure out how to work him into this offense on a regular basis. He is as elusive and powerful a runner as Percy Harvin, only bigger. You have to line him up somewhere, even if heíll never make a wideout, which we donít even know at this point. With Jenkins gone and Devin Aramashodu your shining hope, why in hell donít we find out pronto? If you simply line up Webb on the flat and throw him quick outs, he will do incredible damage! How hard is that to figure out? About 50% of a potent offense would be him wide out left and Harvin right. the hall mark of good coaching is making optimal use of the talent available in the most effective combinations.

This year has been a criminal waste of the seasons players like Jared Allen and Percy Harvin are having. The Vikings have been in nearly every game they played, yet always come up short. That goes back to coaching. This team could be eking out wins instead of inventing losses.

Well, the stupid Cardinals lost again, and the Colts have got this first round draft choice thing figured out. I donít think they have any faith that Peyton Manning will play again. They will surely draft Andrew Luck, but the good news for Viking fans is that there will be a franchise left tackle, cornerback, or wideout available. Reload! 


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