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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Life doesn’t begin at conception? (01/08/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Our government representatives voted against a bill which stated that life begins at conception. This inconceivably heartless response to a most obvious fact is shocking, is an unconscionable and inexcusable response to what should have been a unanimous vote for passage of a much needed bill. If life did not begin at conception, then none of us would be in existence today.

We are supposed to be living in a civilized nation where there is intelligentsia, compassion and a united concern for life, yet we have witnessed a dreadful and heartless vote against this absolute fact: life begins at conception. There is no need for any senseless debate about this fact.

The time in which we live has become evil. Do these pitiless governmental officials really believe they would still be in existence without having been conceived in their mother’s wombs?

Why did these compassionate men and women vote against a bill that protects the life of the unborn? Did they purposely or intentionally reject a fact in order to gain more votes from the electors? Was their decision swayed because a woman now has the legal right to abort her unborn child?

If our government officials say that the “it” or “thing” in a mother’s womb does not become a human being until the “it” or “thing” is no longer in the mother’s womb, then the mother has the legal right to end her pregnancy because there is not a human being in her womb? The mother can not be prosecuted for intentional homicide because the “it” or “thing” (blob) in her womb is not of any value. The “it” or “thing” miraculously and instantaneously transforms into a human being only after removal from its mother’s womb. Yah, right.

We don’t need to waste a penny of taxpayers money to prove that life does begin at conception, but there will be those hardhearted diehards who will say “Well, we just don’t accept the assumption (No. They don’t accept the fact) that life begins at conception!” They do realize that life begins at conception, but these individuals are shamelessly unconcerned about protecting the lives of the unborn.

Many governmental officials would do all in their power to protect an animal from abuse. Well, shouldn’t ending the life of a defenseless human being be considered abusive? Duh! Of course they dare not mess with a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy.

When a woman becomes pregnant doesn’t she realize that a human being is developing in her womb? Does any woman believe that what is in her womb does not become a human being until she holds her baby in her arms? Life which is developing in a mother’s womb should never be considered as just a blob of throwaway tissue.

Of course if there is a law that states that life only begins after a baby is outside a mother’s womb, then no one’s conscience will question whether or not that a life has been aborted in a mother’s womb. We can be sure that the baby is leaping for joy in its mother’s womb over this humane (?) law.

In a civilized nation (as America once was), such uncaring individuals would be charged with premeditated or intentional homicide. If a senior citizens, middle-aged person, teenager, toddler or baby was killed, it would be considered a homicide. However, that which is living in a mother’s womb can be murdered without fear of prosecution. Such inhumane and criminal action is horrifying and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If these callous individuals could view the lives of those that will have been exterminated as a result of their wrongful and evil decision, perhaps they would become shocked and remorseful about what they have done, what they have brought upon America. What would the unborn call these cold-hearted, annihilators of life who voted against what is certainly good and right?

We could prove that the individuals who voted against this absolutely good and right bill know that life begins at conception. This would prove it: Put all of them in front of a firing squad. Tell them if they answer this question correctly they will not be shot and killed: “Does life begin at conception?” For an absolute certainty all of these individuals would answer in the affirmative, would say that life does begin at conception.

Who would have ever thought that we would ever see this day of such heartless and shameful action against defenseless persons in mothers’ wombs.

Just a few decades ago nearly everyone in America would have agreed that life in a mother’s womb was miraculous and precious. As a result of this most recent vote denying that life begins at conception, has America progressed into a more righteous nation or has America regressed to that of a Sodom or Gomorrah? This horrific vote against life in a mother’s womb is obvious proof (to the detriment of America) that America is becoming less and less of a Christian nation.

Not too many years ago no governmental official would have dared to suggest such a horrific bill. This person would have been castigated severely and rightly so. Americans and government officials would not have tolerated such an abominable action. Such a suggestion would have ended a governmental official’s career, but today there is no fear of suggesting and passing bills that are counter to what is good and right.

We wonder what these voters against what is an obvious fact will say to their Creator on Judgment Day. Will they be raising a clenched fist in victory when they stand before God, who will judge all of mankind? Where will these individuals be spending eternity?

Our representatives in the government of the United States are supposed to be defenders and promoters of that which is good and right, not that which is evil and wrong. Once again, the vote on this particular bill should have been a unanimous acceptance of it.

Ponder I Peter 3:12 Revelation 21:8; 22:14-15 


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