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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Wishing everyone a happy, healthy New Year (01/08/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Well, another year. Goodbye old year 2011 and welcome baby 2012.

None of us knows what the new year holds in store for us, but lets go forward with our hearts renewed in hope, forgiveness and most especially love, then know you are wishing the best for others and the blessings will surely come back to you.

In the past year everyone has had many different experiences, some happy, sometimes we call them miracles, some very sad, sometimes we call them crosses. Iím thinking now of the people who have experienced more sadness than they ever had. The death of several young people come to mind. I have a heart full of empathy for those left to mourn.

To lose a child is the ultimate cross some parents are forced to bear. As you (my readers) are very well aware that has been my cross many times, seeming to get heavier all the time It was hard to lose the babies but losing Duane, 16, seemed the most devastating. You have just so many more memories to deal with, which you cherish though, because thatís all you have left other than pictures. But I do want to say to all of you who are grieving the loss of a loved one, times does heal (sort of).

As bad as the results of accidents can be, it seems even worse when people play games and more or less take chances with their lives by smoking, or excess drinking, eating, or illegal drugs for that matter. You may be lucky and slide by as a smoker or you may not. You could even die of lung cancer, especially you young mothers and fathers give that some serious thought. Protect your lives into the future and imagine having to tell your child or children ďSorry honey, Iíll have to leave you, Iím dying of lung cancer.Ē Imagine if you will the emotions going on in that situation. I knew when I read Fran Edstromís article, ďNo butts! Just quit!Ē Iíd have to add my two cents as well. Thank goodness I never lost a child in this manner. I did lose a cousin. She was my auntís only daughter. Then more recently I lost a dear friend, Pat, with that dreadful illness. I visited her often and witnessed her intense suffering. Pat wanted to live and I believe she would have done anything to go back and retract her life. She seemed to follow every procedure she heard of to prolong her life or to heal her. In the end she lost her battle. Pat died New Yearís Eve several years ago. I only relate this story in hopes you quit smoking. New Yearís seems to be a time when people make resolutions. If you are a smoker you may consider this particular one. Like Fran said, itís not easy but consider your future with lung cancer. Life will be no picnic for you then either.

I will be giving a copy of Franís article and mine to all my family members that smoke, begging them please donít add another cross to my collection please!

In todayís Post I just read about a free smoking cessation program designed to help people stop smoking. For more information call Lynn Sprain at 507-474-3324. That may be the most important call youíll ever make. We only have one body. We need to treat it well physically and spiritually. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Itís expected to keep them well and holy as best we can. It just makes sense.

Iíd just like to make a comment. If you wisely choose to quit smoking, plan that it wonít be easy. But I think it may help by being motivated in some way to do so. My dad was a heavy smoker but managed to quit on my momís birthday. My daughter and her husband quit cold turkey years ago on New Yearís Day, conservatively putting the money to the side that they would have spent on cigarettes, which now is a sizable amount, spending some now and then on something special.

I think for one to quit smoking is comparable to coming out of a cloudy, dreary day into the warmth of sunshine.

Letís start out this new year in a prayerful, positive mood, making this world a better place for everyone. Then we can know peace and joy on earth, wishing good will to all mankind. Then one day we will hear Godís voice, ďWell done my good and faithful servant. Come home to heaven.Ē

Have a very blessed, happy and healthy New Year.

P.S. Our new grandson, Eli James that I announced to you in my Christmas letter, is doing well. The parents and big brother Conner (2) are good too. Just a little tired, as they joyfully try to keep little Eli happy. May the Infant Jesus bless this and every family.



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