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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Cheese should win the Super Bowl (01/11/2012)
By John Edstrom

...but must keep guns oiled and powder dry

Well fans, easily the most entertaining of the wild card week’s match ups was the Steelers, a nine point favorite vs. the 8-8 Broncos. The victory, engineered by the heroics of Tim Tebow, was as entertaining for its down-to-the-wire drama as the heartburn it will give the BM (big media), which finds Tebow’s knee-taking far more rude than Randy Moss’ pretend mooning and butt-wiggling at the Cheeseheads a few years back. (Actually, to give credit, Joe Buck nearly fainted at the spectacle, and had to lean against his broadcast partner, Troy Aikman, for several moments to steady himself. I remember it well. My reaction was that Moss’ general deportment was trending up, as he didn’t actually take his pants down.)

The knock on Tebow is that he doesn’t have a big league passing motion, but the time-consuming wind-up of a baseball pitcher with no one on first. Under pressure, he will not get the ball off, or worse, have it knocked out of his hand before it ever gets started in forward motion.

This is probably true, but it didn’t matter against the Steelers, who never got anywhere close to him. In fact, my associate football journalist, Mr. Patrick Marek, claims he timed some of Tebow’s leisurely holidays in the pocket at up to eight seconds, and that against a pretty good Steeler pass rush.

Now think what Christian Ponder might be capable of, were he not under constant pressure from 300 pound linemen, an experience not unlike a 17th or 18th century battlefield, with the enemy lobbing cannon balls at you just slow enough so that you could dodge, if you saw them coming in time. Let it be said again – the first step in a Vikings rebuild is a retooled offensive line. A solid one could be built around USC’s Matt Kalil, most likely available to the Purple in May’s draft.

The Pack will probably meet and beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl for the two-year run that barely eluded Brett Favre in his heyday, but I worry about them getting by the Saints on January 22. For that matter, they could stumble over the Giants, for their defense may not be stout enough to overcome an Aaron Rodgers off-day. Green Bay will come out on top in a shoot-out with anyone in the NFL, but Cheeseheads must beware the day when their guns jam as they did against the Chiefs.  


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