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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Letís stop abortion (01/22/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Well, we just barely got through celebrating the joy of the Christmas season, the birth of the precious baby Jesus, and so soon come face to face with remembering the saddest day in history, the event of January 22, 1973 - Roe vs. Wade. We all seem to have 9/11 totally engraved in our mind where a sizable number of people lost their lives, seemingly so needlessly in one dayís event. But however sad that was, I ask you to stop and give some thought to even a more historical daily event that all started January 22, 1973 - when abortion became legalized.

Since then 52 million babies have died. How could this happen? How could this be? We agonize in pure disbelief. It continues down through the years. Again how can this happen? How has the world gotten so desensitized toward human life? We canít and shouldnít treat birds and animals in like manner without answering for it. At least criminals have a trial, they receive a sentence accordingly. Yet babies get the death sentence without a hearing or reason. Many try to make up what seems to them to be a legitimate reason, but weigh that against the 6th Commandment, ďThou shall not kill,Ē and it doesnít bear up any reason at all. Too young, too old, too busy, too poor. No, none of these will count says the Lord. ďLife is my precious gift to you.Ē Once you have conceived there is no justifiable reason to refuse this gift. You opened yourself up to life, now you must deal with it in a Christian manner. If you are not married, or for some reason find yourself in a position unable to raise this child, know that there are many couples out there with open arms and aching hearts praying for a baby. You will feel so much better for making adoption your choice vs. abortion. Just ask women or men who have experienced abortion. This act stays connected to them for the rest of their lives in one way or another. Some have the grace to accept Godís mercy and forgiveness but then struggle to forgive themselves.

You find many coping with their past abortion by going prolife and fighting the abortion issue as Abbey Johnson did. She had two abortions herself, also worked for Planned Parenthood, was finally enlightened with knowledge of the truth and the harm she had done, now goes around speaking to promote life as a way to make up for her past sins and mistakes. Her book is ďUnplanned,Ē also a DVD. Abbey was so totally confused. She was a very caring person and felt like she was doing much good for women coming to Planned Parenthood, helping them through a crisis pregnancy, which she considered both of her pregnancies were. But that was quickly to change the day Planned Parenthood was shorthanded and asked Abbey to help with an abortion. First seeing this tiny well-formed baby on the ultrasound and then being asked to press the button that whirled the baby around like a wind storm and then sucked every last bit from the motherís womb; now Abbey knew the truth of what she was doing and what she had done working for Planned Parenthood and concerning her two abortions. She soon realized God was marking out a new path for her and she eventually started traveling in a new direction as she stepped across the path from abortion into prolife work.

So many people are affected by the war on babies. God only knows the effects of breaking the chain of life. It has caused much suffering from the lack of Godís plans being carried out. Perhaps many illnesses would be a thing of the past. I donít believe weíd have wars and so much unrest as we do now. We are told war is a punishment for sin and there is no sin worse than abortion. Iím not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone. Know that Godís mercy is bigger than any sin and He just waits for repentant sinners to claim His forgiveness. The only way can can know some peace on earth is to stop abortion. Let us work together to stop this hideous crime. There is so much we can do - prayer, penance and fasting, plus there are so many organizations to discourage this carnage and to help mothers struggling to raise their child. Let us join together, stand up and be counted on the side of life. Letís be soldiers in this war against babies. Letís stop abortion.



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