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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Motherís Day is every day (01/29/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I have been writing articles now for over a year on a variety of subjects. This one I want to dedicate to all my children. (I hope you readers donít mind.) The 6 living and also those already enjoying the happiness of heaven. I believe with all my heart they are aware of me as their mother and are loving and praying for their family. Perhaps they have reserved some little spot for me in heaven. I just ask for some simple little apartment with a kitchen and stove. Thereís apple trees in heaven, arenít there? Iíll put a little sign on my door ďthe pie lady.Ē

In a way my life reminds me a little of Jenni Stepanek. She lost 4 children, 3 babies and Mattie, age 13, with a rare type of muscular dystrophy. My loss was 3 babies, 2 miscarriages and a 16 year old (car accident). Was God mad at me? Was He punishing me for something? No, I think Heís grieving with me. Jenniís advice was to offer someone what your aching for. Itís no secret I have a special place in my heart for young people, especially those with problems. After Duaneís passing I found comfort in writing to several prisoners. None of these will ever replace my son, but it helped fill the gap he left in my life.

God really wants us to have peace and joy and God has blessed me with a peaceful heart for the most part. Iíd like to be remembered as enjoying some humor in my life as well. Above all, children, I want for you to love and forgive one another, let go of the grudges if you have any. I can say for sure it is much easier to deal with forgiveness while in this world than forgiveness before the judgment seat of God where weíll all find ourselves someday.

Early in life I discovered my vocation as a wife and mother. Eventually when I was faced with an empty nest I was pretty devastated. About that time the ugly face of depression manifested itself. Iíve learned the best way for me to deal with depression was to cast my cares and concerns upon the Lord and then trust.

That was my life. Raising and being among my family. If I could go back in time it would be to spend some time again with each of my children after they were born, retrace the memories and etch them in my heart to more fully enjoy them now. But I canít do that, so now I try to live each day enjoying where my children are in my life, enjoying all the love they provide me with.

Some children unfortunately arenít loved or properly cared for. How sad for them to have to live without love. I now question myself. Did I love enough? If I could do it all over again Iíd just lean more on spending time with them. We can stop and smell the roses today. My children are the people God entrusted into my care, and it is my duty to love and pray for them, remembering that every day is Motherís Day. Children are like jewels from heaven but unfortunately come tarnished with original sin. We as parents are responsible to see that this soul be polished up through baptism, then once again become sparkling clean. We are to point them toward God their heavenly Father.

We need to fight for the family and life. Satan is working overtime trying to destroy us. Letís cast our vote on the side of the traditional marriage between a man and woman as ordained by God.

P.S. Eli is one month old (my grandson, born on Christmas Day). He is doing fine except he and his parents have different ideas on when bedtime is. Eli insists it is during the day and is trying his best to make that point. Conner is a loving big brother, showing Eli a good example when bedtime should be. 


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