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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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The guilty party - Republican or Democrat? (02/12/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Are there government officials working for us who are anti-God, anti-America, against anything that stands for what is right and good, desirous of the ruination of America, hateful, malicious, reprobates, evil, aiming to succeed with an evil agenda, doing that which is against the law, working helter-skelter to destroy that which is good in America, guilty of treasonous intentions, doing that which is unconstitutional, pro-abortion, anti-Biblical Christians, etc.?

Would the vast majority of Americans be in agreement that many governmental officials possess some or all of the disgusting and disgraceful characteristics mentioned above? If this is true, is anyone doing anything to rid our government of these ruinous, country-destroying, governmental officials?

If there are good-destroying governmental officials in Washington, is their goal to build up America, or is their goal to tear down America? Is America becoming a more hated nation as a result of “good” governmental officials’ efforts? Are we being governed by those who love America and its Constitution or are we being governed by those who hate America and its Constitution? If we are being governed by those who hate America is there an effort being made to reveal and remove such un-American governmental officials from office? Is there anyone in Washington who has the concern and courage to name names and to do whatever needs to be done to get these haters of America to leave their place of employment?

Is one party’s demeanor heinous? Do the tongues of one party lash out with language that is disgraceful, disrespectful, or hateful? Does one party have no respect for the Constitution and have a strong disdain for the Founding Fathers of America? Does one party have an obsession for power? Is one party crusading to get more and more people totally dependent on the government? Is one party doggedly determined to do the opposite of what would be good and right for America?

Again, if there is a diabolical plot in Washington is anyone concerned about replacing these haters of God and America with those who love God and America? Should Americans continue to allow a few wicked men and women to rid America of more good and turn America into a more unblessed nation?

In a court of law we could not be sued by any governmental official because there is an inexhaustible number of exhibits - A to Z (proof) of what a wrongdoing party has said and done in their attempt to destroy more and more of what is right and good in America. This party’s ruination of America is so obvious (the proof is ever before us), that we wouldn’t have to convince anyone in America that there is a party in America whose objective is to destroy all Americans’ way of life. Why? Could it be because of hate? Most likely.

There are hundreds of millions of witnesses who have heard the hateful words coming forth from the mouths of this anti-God, anti-America party. Untold millions have seen the results of the corruption that this party has brought upon America. Very few members of this party hide their hatred of God, America, and anything that stands for what is right and good.

If there is such a wicked, country-destroying party, shouldn’t there be a vast army of very concerned citizens working incessantly to remove these country-destroying governmental officials from office? Everyone in America should be asking the question, “Is there a party in Washington that is purposely attempting to destroy a once great and blessed nation?” If there is such a hate filled party, then this should be of paramount importance. Impeachment procedures should be instituted immediately to rid our government of these destroyers of what is right and good.

Are there horrible or good changes that have taken place in America? If horrible changes have taken place in America which party is guilty of this wrongdoing? What is anyone doing to put this most urgent need within the hearts of all Americans: the dismissal or removal of all the destroyers of America?

If everyone in America was truthful would everyone give this affirmative answer? “Yes, there are governmental officials in Washington who are guilty of the aforementioned atrocities.” They are members of the ______ Party. 


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