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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Hate our best friend? (02/26/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Would we hate someone who is always willing to help us at any time of every day? Would we hate someone who loves us more than anyone else? Would we hate someone who can (and will) do more for us than anyone else on earth? Who can do what is miraculous? We would think that everyone would say “We would never hate someone like this person. No way!” However, many of us do hate our best friend.

Who is this best friend that so many of us hate? His name is Jesus. He has been hated since the existence of mankind. Even though He is our Creator (He only has given us life), many of us shake our fists at Him and make diabolic statements about Him.

Jesus is the only friend who will never disappoint us. He will see us through any difficult circumstances. He can do what no other friend could ever do for us: He can promise us eternal life in heaven, yet many of us reject Him as our best friend. His enabling ability to meet our needs is ever sufficient, yet many of us reject His help.

Do people hate Jesus because they think that following His instruction (His way) is going to be dull? Do people really think that living their lives as Jesus would want them to live them is going to rob them of joy? Is this wise thinking? John 15:11

Everyone has access by prayer to his or her best friend, Jesus, but so many refuse to pray and refuse to accept Him as their best friend, Lord and Savior. More and more people are exhibiting by their lifestyles their hatred of their best friend. Why so much hatred of someone who suffered and died for all our sins? Why hate our Creator who has given us all of creation to enjoy?

We can understand people hating something that is sinful, but should we hate someone who hates us because we are trying to be the kind of person our best friend wants us to be? Absolutely not. God says we are to do four things for anyone who hates us: we are to love them, bless them, pray for them, and do something good for them. Matthew 5:44

Would we hate a doctor who showed us how to double our life span by following the instruction in his book? Of course not. We would be joyously elated with that which this doctor had written. Well our best friend has written a book that shows us how we can have eternal life, yet many of us refuse to do what His book says. Psalm 53:1a Wow! How foolish can we get? Here is how foolish: We hate the one who says that He doesn’t want anyone to perish. II Peter 3:9 Perish from what? Eternal damnation in a most horrible place and separated from God forever. This fact should cause us to tremble in fear. Do we really not want to go where there are joys and pleasures forevermore? Psalm 16:11

Look at yourself in a mirror, shake your fist and say, “Jesus, I hate you! I hate all of your creation, including myself! I hate everything that I can see, smell, feel, hear or taste. I don’t care that you suffered and died for me! I don’t believe that you can promise me eternal life! I’m going to go my way! I’ll be just fine!” Psalm 51:10 Such hateful words would greatly grieve and break our Creator’s heart. No we will not be fine rejecting and hating our best friend.

P.S. It is inconceivably foolish to hate our best friend. After all, where is any hateful heart going to be sending me for eternity? 


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