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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Rejoice and be glad! (04/15/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many Biblical Christians have heard, “Why do you go to church so much? You goody two-shoes are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!” Most people will get quite upset if false statements are said about them. Does becoming upset at the accusers and their false accusations make us feel better, uplift our spirits, add joy to our lives? Of course not.

Biblical Christians can put on a smiley face when false statements have been said about them. Why? Because God says that Biblical Christians are to rejoice and be exceedingly glad when they are clobbered with false accusations. Biblical Christians have a very joyful reason to smile when this happens because God says, “...great is their reward in heaven.” Matthew 5:10-12 Luke 6:22-23

Biblical Christians should not allow falsehood about them to vex their day, to rob them of joy, to prevent or discourage them from remaining excellent ambassadors for Christ. After all, if Biblical Christians respond to their accusers as God wants them to respond, they gain great reward in heaven. What do the bearers of falsehood gain? Isaiah 5:20 Psalm 101:7 Proverbs 17:15

What kind of a response (to false accusation) might result if Biblical Christians always reacted to falsehood by smiling and saying why thank you very much, and then leaping for joy? This kind of response could very well touch an accuser’s heart in a positive way. If so the Biblical Christian could soon be rejoicing, knowing that the heart of an accuser has been changed for the better. If Biblical Christians use God’s recipe (love, bless, do good and pray for your enemies - Matthew 5:44), then the false accuser may one day be rejoicing in the joy of the Lord too. Praise the Lord! Luke 15:7 Acts 2:28 Romans 15:13

If Biblical Christians continue steadfastly in being excellent ambassadors (representatives) for Christ, their false accusers may one day become ashamed of what they have spoken or done to Biblical Christians. I Peter 3:16 They may now realize the error of their ways and ask for God to forgive them.

Biblical Christians can also rejoice because they are not like their accusers. After all, how can accusers be rejoiceful when there is hatred in their hearts? A happy person (and saved) is certainly going to do far better than someone who is angry and lost (destined to hades). So if someone says something that is untrue to a Biblical Christian, the Biblical Christian should rejoice, leap for joy and then tell the accuser why he or she leaped for joy. Luke 6:22-23

If false accusations or persecution is not a part of a Biblical Christian’s life, this person had better ask himself or herself this question: “Am I doing what God would want me to do?” Luke 6:26 2 Timothy 3:12

If you are a Biblical Christian be encouraged, be not discouraged, when false accusations and persecution comes into your life. Do not seek revenge or stew over someone’s negative or untrue statement. Romans 12:19 Always remember this: If falsely accused, great is your reward in heaven. So when falsely accused rejoice and be glad! I Peter 4:12-14.

Ponder Philippians 4:14 Luke 10:20b James 1:2 Psalm 32:11; 68:3 


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