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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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The second Sunday (04/22/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

The first Easter Sunday was a great day but it was no greater than the second Sunday. This 2nd Sunday has all the greatness of the first. The Son of God appears there in the upper room (where the doors were locked) and proclaims “peace be unto you!” He had said “as my Father had sent me so I send you to announce My peace,” which really is the forgiveness of sins. But Thomas was there; the congregation is growing. We do not know what they did on the old Sabbath but now again on the first day of the week they are gathered and here is the beginning of a testimony that Sunday is being established as a memorial day of Christ’s resurrection, which is later called in the New Testament, “The Lord’s Day.”

The 2nd Sunday also lays the foundation for the faith the church has in it services. It shows that religion is not against reason, but ABOVE IT! Jesus is present when the people of God meet. He does come to us in His supper and when we are baptized. How can this be says our little mind? Tell me if you want to depend on your little minds, how that upper room could be locked, the doors and windows closed and all of sudden Jesus is there showing his hands and side also to Thomas on the second Sunday?

And here on the 2nd Sunday is a real blow to infidelity! Thomas was not exactly an infidel, but he was like those fellows from Missouri who say “what I can’t understand with my brain, feel with my fingers, see with my eyes, I will not believe!” That principle would overthrow every moment on earth. I would then not believe that there is a China or a Russia, or a George Washington or Luther or Wesley because I never was there to see for myself or ever met those people personally? Thomas was just like his fellow disciples for that matter, when they first heard the news. The real truth is, we’ve never seen or touched many of the things we believe. The Thomas principle was wrong. And he had to exclaim when the Lord said here are my hands, give me your finger, and just put your hand in my side, he found his principle was wrong and he simply worshipped in wonder, “my Lord and my God!”

Jesus brought that 2nd Sunday to a close by giving us and the world His last beatitude, “blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed.” Do you need a second chance like Thomas? Look up his interesting story! But just a couple of notes here. Nearly 40 million Christians in India today claim to be linked to the church Thomas founded. If you have a couple of thousand dollars take a trip to the international airport of Chennai, the old Madras, where there is a rocky hill called “St. Thomas Mount” where it is thought that Thomas is to have been wounded. Inland is the “Little Mount” where he is said to have died a martyr’s death. On the seashore is a church named in his honor where he is said to be buried. How did Thomas ever get to India???? You will just have to look it up. It is very interesting!!



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