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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Happy Motherís Day (05/20/2012)
rom: Mary Zimmerman


Am I a week late? No, I donít think so. Motherís Day is every day isnít it? How fitting it is to include this greeting while speaking about the generosity of God. ďGod will not be outdone in generosity.Ē Right here I want to mention all the love given to me by my children on Motherís Day. I am grateful to be their mother.

Itís said to be a mother is to stretch yourself as far as possible. St. Gianna Molla, a wife, mother, and doctor, was an example of that. She gave her life to save her unborn child. A DVD ďLove is a ChoiceĒ tells her story.

I think all of us who are mothers need to spend our lives generously in our responsibility of unwrapping the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to us in confirmation, and share them with our children, most especially, love, patience, fortitude, and forgiveness. God will not be outdone in generosity. Let Him be our model.

Yes, charity begins at home. Weíre not just speaking about money. Financially, if our children are in need and we have the ability to help them we should do so. But know they are also in need of your love, your discipline and direction in their lives and often your forgiveness for a happy and prosperous life. Teach them the basics of a Christian life, remind them that everything in life comes as a gift from God, and to value their soul more than success, riches or fame. Yes, mothers, we must teach our children to walk in the ways of Our Lord.

We hear a lot about prayer, fasting and almsgiving before and during Lent. That is meant to help us form good habits which then we can practice all year long. We are to learn to pray from the heart, almost like a child learning to speak clearly. We are encouraged to eat less and give up our favorite food once in awhile. It helps us to detach ourselves from this world to seek better things from above (God).

There are people starving all year long, not just during Lent. By helping support them with food, water and clothing, itís showing them Godís love. God said, ďEven a drink of water given in my name will not go unnoticed.Ē

Richard Carlson in his book ďDonít Sweat the Small Stuff,Ē has an article on ďRandom Acts of Kindness.Ē Chapter 34, page 89, he says, ďPerhaps the greatest reason to practice random kindness is that it brings great contentment into your life. Each act of kindness rewards you with positive feelings and reminds you of the important aspects of life - service, kindness and love.Ē

Itís true it is more blessed to give than to receive but we must learn to be a good receiver as well. I didnít used to be. I probably checked the price tags on most of my gifts, especially greeting cards. Well I donít anymore.

Recently I made three pies (I am the Winona pie lady, you know) and gave them all away. The next day I had a great day, more energy than usual, etc. I just felt God was rewarding me. In fact I believe I owe it to being a giving person that Iím able to keep my illness of depression at bay.

I went off my medication against my doctorís wishes (Iím not suggesting everyone can do that). I felt God would give me the grace to do that if I would comply with His demands of fulfilling the deeds of mercy.

Iíd like to give you a few examples how God will not be outdone in generosity.

Years ago I was having dental problems. I was continually losing my two front teeth. Glue just didnít work anymore. My dentist, after consulting with another dentist came up with a plan, a bit expensive, but he added what the insurance didnít cover he would. Well, he wrote off $1,000 of my bill. I had no explanation of that other than his kind heart and Godís generosity.

Recently our not-so-old TV was playing tricks on us. The color was real dark, then after my husband played around with it, it got too light. My husband and I kept watching for sales on TVs. We kept eying them up, anticipating spending at least $400 on a new one. Then one day I lost the remote (nothing new) except this time I couldnít find it. I told my husband to purchase a new one, then we discovered the problem was in the remote. Now our TV works fine. After that I found the old remote. An act of God? I think so.

Thatís only a couple examples. There are many more. God will not be outdone in generosity in these ways and most especially His constant love, forgiveness and mercy. Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful.

P.S. Notice my articles will be getting shorter. Itís not that Iím running out of words, its that the Winona Post is running out of space.

P.S.S. Health issue update. I shared with you that I have some heart issues not related to the valve replacement that I had two years ago. So if changing the heart pill I take to a lower dosage doesnít give results, then Iím headed for the pacemaker clinic in Rochester. Anyway, keep me in your prayers. Itís important that my ticker keeps ticking away as I feel I have work to do yet. Shall we all say Amen to that!



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