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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Our search for God begins with baptism (05/27/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


God said during His agony and suffering upon the cross, ďI thirst.Ē I donít think that was a physical thirst at all, but for souls.

God prepared a beautiful heaven and wants everyone to enjoy this peace and beauty. He continued, oh, how I agonize over lost souls. I am the way, the truth and the life, simply, ďI am.Ē But many souls turn their backs on this way of life. They prefer deception to the truth. God says I gave them the Ten Commandments through Moses to shine as heavenly light upon their lives, still some choose darkness. Now God is beginning to beg us as He says oh, mankind, I gave you this life that you may have eternal life. Unfortunately the first man and woman I created fell for Satanís lies and brought forth the curse of original sin. But God came forth with a remedy, a way of being made whole and clean again. Itís called baptism. Unless you be born again of water and the Holy Spirit you canít enter the kingdom of heaven.

Sometimes I wonder why ever Jesus submitted to baptism. Iíd guess it was for God the Father to introduce Him to the world, ďThis is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased.Ē

So as we learn to recite the seven sacraments, baptism is #1. Itís the beginning of our walk with God. Again we are made whole, becoming a child of God. Iím sure many mothers, including myself, question the fate of their stillborn babies, those lost through miscarriage or abortion. We are encouraged to have a strong hope here as we review the three kinds of baptism, water, blood and desire. God is a God of love and as we learn about His characteristics and attributes (the greatest of which is mercy) we know He is a God of miracles as well, bringing the dead back to life, changing bread and wine into His own body and blood. Yes, He can do all things, so surely He could instill in a mere child or anyone the desire to search for the living waters of baptism. Or the babies being aborted, seems to me that would fall under baptism of blood. But parents you have a great responsibility to bring your children to the baptismal font, help them start their journey toward their heavenly home. That is the beginning of their search for God, to find the way, to know the truth and enjoy a good life. Some donít believe in infant baptism. ďLet them decideĒ they say. Doesnít that provide a loophole for Satan to enter their lives? Without baptism they canít receive the other grace filled sacraments.

We all need to work together to help everyone find the living waters. They are indeed what mankind is searching and thirsting for as God is likewise searching and thirsting for mankind.

It is important for babies or adults to have sponsors for baptism, chosen not for their wealth or popularity, but rather spirituality. Let them know who you are with a little remembrance now and then but not forgetting to love and pray for them as well.

Let us pray for one another to receive the graces God is just waiting to give us.

Godís blessings upon all of you. 


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