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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Satan’s conference (06/03/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

The days of our years especially in this century are permeated with conferences. Meetings of all sorts are held, ranging from those about national bankruptcies to same-sex marriage. Not many people or countries seem to be bent out of shape about it because it appears there is always time for another conference on the matter. Conferences, the ultimate form of procrastination. Look at the Iranian situation. Talk about the art of “putting it off for now” and kicking the can down the road for someone else to pick up

or kick farther yet.

So the story goes that Satan decided while they are having some problems on earth, things are really going “too good” and there is a need to go down there and disturb, really disturb the societies of mankind. So Satan called his Lieutenants together in conference.

The first one suggested that it would be good to visit the earth and spread the news that God does not exist and, that there is nothing like right or wrong. Although this notion would confuse and cause chaos, Satan told the Lt. that he had tried that with Voltaire, Ingersol, and others who are still working on it, and that it simply is not doing the job.

The second Lieutenant was called on and he proposed to tell the people of earth while there was a God He really was not interested in people as individuals and it really didn’t matter what they did! The devil said he would think about that idea.

The third Lieutenant suggested that they just go amongst the people and freely admit that there is a God, and there is right and wrong and there is even duty and responsibility, and that God maybe even interested in individuals and might even hold them accountable. But that, while all these things might be true, there is really no reason for anyone to sweat about them or feel any sense of urgency in tending to them.

Satan immediately recognized this as an ideal solution! He sent his agents to spread that line and that while there are a lot of right things to do there is no harm though, they are important, they aren’t urgent; there’s always tomorrow.

Through the ages man and woman have been fighting this battle! My battle? Yes! And yours too! God, the Church, our nation (debt and loss of liberties), the family, what’s right and wrong, our duty and responsibility as individuals (Americans), our character; while all these are important what are you doing in these areas NOW?

The special days of our years require a special sense of urgency (not panic but conviction) permeate everything we do in our personal and family life, in our community living, in our religious faith, in our nation and in our patriotic duty of voting.

Unless you supply the URGENCY, the important matters of life will not be accomplished and Satan’s conference will have been successful!

P.S. I am reminded of the ham and egg sandwich as an example of what a significant difference there is between those who are committed versus involved in important matters. Simply put, the Pig was committed but the chicken was only involved!



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