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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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The Real Presence - Holy Communion (06/10/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


As inadequate as I feel to write any of my articles, Iím really having a bit of a problem with this one. There is so much to be said about the Eucharist (body and blood of Jesus), just where do I start? Do I read, reflect, pray, or just allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead as usual. This is Corpus Christi Sunday and we need to ponder about this special day.

Jesus lived upon this earth for a mere 33 years, of which only a few were spent in His public ministry with the twelve appointed men (His Apostles) to prepare them to take over when He ascended to the Father. Within that time Jesus walked among the people, going from town to town, curing the blind, healing the sick, both physically and spiritually, performing miracles of every kind. He wanted mankind to recognize His great power in preparation for the greatest of miracles instituted - the Eucharist. It proved too much for some and they just simply walked away. He asked the Apostles, ďAre you going to leave me too?Ē Their answer, ďLord where would we go? You have the words of eternal life.Ē

Down through the centuries God continues to ask mankind that question! As some people continue to walk away, how can this be? Itís just too mind-boggling, they say. They are missing the point as they struggle through life wondering which way to turn. God says He is the way, the truth and the life and will be present with us till the end of time. ďI will not leave you orphans, no, I will remain with you, my body and blood, soul and divinity.Ē Why would we want to divorce ourselves from that claim, that strength that can help show us the way to our heavenly inheritance? Yes we are Godís children. He made us and the world for our temporary home and heaven for our eternal home (so donít get too wrapped up in things of the world). And He wants us all to accept His dwelling place. He asks of us to eat His body and drink His blood that we may attain this eternal life. The very next day He offered His physical body upon a cross for our sake (our redemption), yet He would remain with us under the appearance of bread (His body) and wine (His blood). Is that too much for you to comprehend? Have you also walked away? I beg you to study Jesusí life and all the miracles He performed. If you have wandered away God is always throwing out a lifeline inviting you to come back. He will lead the way to eternal life in heaven.

As for me, I humbly walk down the aisle every day to receive Holy Communion as I whisper ďMy Lord and My God.Ē Then I spend a few short moments thanking Him for this special gift and offering it all up for the spiritual and physical needs of my family. Then I go out and share His presence with the world so others can know the peace and joy of Jesus living in their hearts too.



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