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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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What does God know (06/17/2012)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Iím not asking ďWhat would Jesus do?Ē Iím asking what does He know? I have that answer (Baltimore Catechism). God knows all things. He knows our every thought, word, action, and deed (when we use the name of Jesus in prayer or in vain). Now that seems like an awful lot of knowledge. Itís even said He knows every hair on our head, even mine. I donít even know that, my beautician says a lot. Iím just using this example to try to comprehend that He really does know everything - so many people past, present and yet to be born or aborted, He knows each of us from head to toe, especially our hearts. This Supreme Being will be our judge someday, as of yet our merciful Savior. Doesnít it just stand to reason we would want to be on the good side of Him, get to know, love, and serve Him in this world, be happy with Him in the next? Which really isnít as difficult as it may seem. He tells us, ďI am the way, the truth and the life, follow me.Ē Just as he chose the Apostles (12 men), He also chose each one of us to do likewise. First we are to learn the gospel, then share the good news of salvation. Some donít as yet know or have that grace. Pray for them. Believe in prayer, trust in the God that made you, to help you along the road of life. But He expects us to help one another as well. We are all somebodies - God didnít make nobodies.

We are to be Christ to all people without exception. How dare we shun the poor, those with different color skin, etc. God used the same pattern for all of us. I guess when it came to the coloring, He just wanted a variety.

We just recently had a family from Laos move in as next door neighbors. They are very nice people. I hope everyone treats them well. If anyone judges himself to be better than anyone else, better check their pride level. Humility is a virtue to be sought after til you possess it. If you are unable to do this on your own, sometimes God steps in to help you along. Right now Iím thinking about the testimony of Gloria Polo, 1995. She was a dentist from Bogota, Colombia. Her life was all about her physical beauty. In fact, she spent four hours a day trying to preserve her beautiful body. She was married and had children but hardly saw them, leaving home early morning, returning late at night. Iím sure her holy mother was praying for her and God answered her prayers. (Parents its of utmost importance we pray for our children).

Dr. Gloria Poloís conversion was perhaps even more dramatic than Saul (St. Paul) who was struck blind. Gloria and her cousin were both struck down by lightening. Her cousin, a holy monk died instantly; later Gloria did also. Twice she actually left her body, then came back to tell about her experience on the other side. God has now miraculously cured her, she even bore a child after that. There is a wonderful book out about Gloriaís experience of heaven and being with God called, ďStruck by Lightening.Ē Its a true story. In fact from it you will receive another answer to the question what does God know! As He went through Gloriaís whole life with her, where and how she broke each commandment as well as her good points of her life. I highly recommend this book ďStruck by Lightening. I have this book. Write or call me: Mary Zimmerman, 318 Orrin S., Winona, MN 55987, 1-507-452-2570. 


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