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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Celebrating 60 years of marriage (06/24/2012)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Yesterday June 10, 2012, Jim and I celebrated 60 years of marriage (weíre really not that old, we just got a young start, ha). It was a great day of joy. I think everyone felt that. I am full of gratitude to so many people that helped make it such a memorable day. First of all celebrating the Holy Mass on Corpus Christi with all our six children present - Kathy, Gene, Theresa, Diane, Don and Lynette, and those in heaven - Duane, Melvin, Elaine, plus the three premature babies, also most of our grand-and great-grandchildren (23), a few special relatives and friends and the whole congregation, all those who supplied such heavenly music, and last, but not least, our wonderful pastor Father Jim Berning. He just has a way of electrifying the Mass, making it come alive. It just makes us all want to love and adore our wonderful God. I guess between death and divorce, a lot of couples donít reach this milestone.

I say to everyone, just live each day to the fullest (love God and neighbor as yourself). Live in the moment the best you can. Life just passes by so quickly. If I could go back to any part of my life it would be to be with my family. When theyíre all gone you begin to question, did I love them enough (tell and show them), or did they have to wonder? I hope not. Children need to know that for sure. It just came to me what Iíd like to be remembered for. Not as the pie lady or writer but as a loving mother.

Did I prepare them to go out and butt heads with the world and for their eternal home as well? I think I wasnít even up to realizing the many changes that were taking place, that getting together with friends and relatives to play cards, go fishing, or Sunday dinners together were in the past. I certainly didnít realize what my children would be up against in this world, but it all worked out. With prayer and Godís grace they are all wonderful, loving children and actually I do still have them with me, we are connecting all the time. My dear children know Iíll always love you, letís all pray for one another. We want to be just one happy family in heaven, donít we?

After Mass we gathered in the commons and enjoyed a delicious meal while being entertained with some lovely music by Carla Burton, founder of Grace Place. We so appreciated her taking time from her busy schedule to do that for us. Thanks Carla, youíre the best. Also a friend, 12-years-old, sharing her beautiful voice with us singing Amazing Grace. Thanks Katrina. Keep singing, youíre special, your sister, also.

After the meal our two youngest grandchildren, Conner Duane (named after our son Duane) 2-1/2, born on September 22, on our oldest son Geneís birthday, and Eli James, born December 25, on Jesusí birthday, joined us. What a joy.

It was so special to have our daughter Lynette and granddaughter Jenni do the readings at Mass, and our son Gene, grandchildren Kris, Tegan, and Matt, carry up the gifts (the bread and wine) to be changed into the body and blood of Jesus. Thanks. Iím so proud of you all.

After the meal we showed a video of our wedding 60 years ago that sure brought back memories, seeing my parents, Jimís mother and other deceased relatives. Also saw the video of our 40th anniversary. It was quite amazing to see how much we all changed in 20 years. Thatís what Iím saying - time moves on.

Well, after all the hugs and well wishes it was time to gather up the leftover food and head back home (a bit lonely after being surrounded by our loved ones), now with wonderful memories of the day the Lord gave us...we rejoiced and were glad. Thank you Jesus, thank you family, thank you everyone that made it so. Godís blessings upon all of you.

P.S. Words of wisdom next time. 


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