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  Wednesday December 17th, 2014    

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About aging (06/24/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

It seems we just started 2012 and before we know it half the year has passed into the dustbin of history. This year we discovered we’ve been married 67 years and have passed 39 54 times!

When you dropped into this wonderful creation, your parents could hardly wait for your grunts, groans and screams to turn into words and join this communicating world and to watch you grow in the aging process. Before you knew it you couldn’t wait to go to kindergarten, then to get through the eighth grade, and on into high school; then it may have been college or a job you couldn’t wait for and then it was marriage, which you discovered makes this story of life go on.

Now before you know it your family has been raised and your career is ending and you talk of the subject of retirement. And what you are learning is that old proverb is really true: “Time flies.” And there is what the Psalmist who spoke long ago about our days being cut off and that we simply “fly away.”

Gradually we seem to find that it seems time is speeding up and that while we have given up some of our retirement plans and eliminated joyous recreations like fishing, hunting, golfing, biking, and walking, and traveling to visit family and friends. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time! We have a hard time getting to places on time, like the doctor’s office so we can talk about the pains all the way from the heel and toe to our head, and all this with dimming eyes to boot, and new and improved hearing aids that don’t work worth a hoot.

But time is the same since the fourth day of creation and never changes, it is we who are slowing, not time speeding up. Our aging process is coming to an exit by way of death, the enemy of our human race. How did death get into God’s great creation? Now really slow down and read a few times the third chapter of Genesis (we know this is considered just a myth but we challenge you to give us a better story about death if you have one.)

To bring death into our world it took a lie by a fallen angel to our first creatures, who then doubted and did what the Maker of mankind had forbidden. That act brought down the curse on creation and a death sentence on humanity. But hidden in this story is some surprising good news from the Lord Who is walking in that garden telling our hiding parents of the destruction of Satan and the deliverance of man from death. He Who walked in that garden later came to take our place; He was born, lived and died for us. This is the story of the New Testament. His resurrection is man’s freedom from sin, death and hell and the death blow to Satan. And it means our resurrection!

What needs to permeate our aging is that we are not rushing down a path to death but headed for our resurrection! We may go to church Sunday after Sunday confessing we are poor miserable sinners and we are absolved! But it seems someone (a Pastor) should emphasize now we are headed for our resurrection.

So the medicine for our aging is slowing down by looking forward to the resurrection, which we do by looking back so we can look forward with joy toward our resurrection and in the meantime enjoy our backyard.



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