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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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In God We Trust (07/08/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

We carry it around daily. It’s in our pockets, purses and billfolds. We see one here and there on the street and perhaps don’t bother to pick it up. What we call our money, if only a penny, says “In God We Trust.”

What does this mean? Who is God? And do you trust in Him? Looking back to our country’s founders we find Christians or Deists. For example, Washington was a Christian, Jefferson a deist, Adams a Christian, Franklin a deist, etc

And that wasn’t a problem because Deism affirmed God as creator, moral law giver, supreme ruler and judge, and that belief at least was congenial with our Christian creed. So the founders had common ground when it came to the role of God as the source and giver of life, etc. The key point is that they believed in God and held firm that the voice of the people and the government did not have the ultimate “say,” and that they were accountable to God as their judge.

It used to be that most Americans believed in God and raised their families with the values that if you work hard, you can make it. And most did, and many still do. Individual accountability and responsibility were at the heart of being a good citizen. This was the basis for much of American life and allowed for the development of the broadest and most successful middle class in the world. But times have changed over the past 236 years. There are so many citizens today who don’t believe in America’s God.

So what is America’s God like these days? It seems God is very tolerant and agrees with the 60’s book “I’m Okay, You’re Okay.” America’s God remains undefined. God is whatever you imagine God to be; a he, she or it. The only thing Americans seem to agree on is the number, there is only one God, i.e. “In God we Trust.” Even the atheist and agnostic speak in the singular.

Really the God on your dollar will remain a great puzzle until you learn to recognize Him as your Creator and Judge, made known to you in the scriptures by the prophets of old and apostles of the New Testament as the God of Israel, known as the Christ, Who has redeemed mankind and Who is the Word by which all things were made; Who in both the Old and New Testaments speaks about a great day of the Lord, the day of wrath. Only when you make that connection will it become clear to Whom the God on your dollar refers.

So always pick up that penny on the ground and be reminded of the true history of America’s God and the belief that we are ultimately accountable to Him.

One way to be a good steward of the God on your dollar is to recall the scriptures which tell us “the love of money is root of all evil.” As a good American, vote people out of office who love to spend your money at an unsustainable level. How can we help the truly needy of tomorrow when we overspend and go broke today? Wise money spenders in Congress and thrifty citizens are the real patriots this country needs. 


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