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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Stovepipe potatoes (07/15/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

Last week we wrote about the dollar and the God we should trust. By the way, there is penalty for those who do not fear, trust, and love God above all things. You may not believe that or this story we are about to tell you.

About twenty years ago we met our son in Calgary and drove to Fairmont Hot Springs. We stayed in a beautiful A-frame chalet near a river whose shores were loaded with expired salmon that had come up stream to spawn and die. There was also a well trimmed golf course, where shockingly deer and elk roamed about, leaving tracks on the greens along with other unwanted matter. One afternoon we put on our swimming suits and headed for the hot springs. Down some sandstone steps we went into the hot water. By the way, it was late September and snowflakes were falling. Wading neck high in the spring for about ten minutes, we watched the flurries hit the water and cover our gray hair making it very white. Then we quickly ran back to the lodge and were greeted with “we have a number of saunas.” Entering one we found it occupied by a couple of farmers from northern Canada. They were discussing the winter coming early and the crops they needed to harvest. Then one said, “by the way, do you have any of that religious sect that sells potatoes in our markets?” You know what they do? They take a 12-inch stove pipe and place it in the center of the gunnysack and surround it with beautiful big baking potatoes, and down the pipe they pour the small duds! Then they pull the pipe out, tie the bag and send it to market. That’s my story of what I heard.

So it is always “buyers beware!” This is nothing new. But it is a big deal because it represents the transgression of a couple of God’s laws in the manner of “deception” and “theft.” Keep in mind that the close of God’s commandments threatens His visitation on iniquities to the third and fourth generation of those who do not fear God and keep His commandments.

Let’s relate our story of stove pipe potatoes to what has been going on in our country. A bushel of potatoes used to cost 1 dollar. Today it is parceled out into 8 or 10 plastic bags each costing o/a $2.50. This increase in price we explain with the word “inflation.” There is also a printing press that Big Ben can turn on and produce more dollars that our administration will term a “stimulus” but which will actually decrease the value of your dollar and create a debt that our generation can’t handle; stovepipe potatoes disguised as sound fiscal policy but really a kind of deception and theft by our government.

Each generation hopes things will be better for their children. For several generations this has been true, but we are afraid that this is no longer the case. For neither we nor our children or their children’s children will be able to wipe out our 18 trillion dollar debt. Are we repeating history? The Great Roman Empire crumbled by the path of “bread and circuses.” Are we going that way with “Food Stamps and football?”



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