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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Godís ways are not always our ways (07/15/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


God sometimes chastises the body to heal the soul; if thatís what it takes to get our attention, so be it. Better for a little pain now than for all eternity away from God. Read the testimony of Gloria Polo ďStruck by Lightening.Ē For some reason God answered her request for another chance but unfortunately God doesnít always give that. However I feel in some ways He has done that for me. No, I didnít experience ďthe other side.Ē I was about 15 minutes away. Thank you God for that favor. Another chance to visibly love and pray for my family, hoping to make this a better world for them and everyone in some small way, a least.

I believe God sometimes works that way with our spiritual life as well, allowing us to use our free will, which can lead us on the wrong path. Then He calls us back through the attributes of his Divine Mercy, along with a motherís tears and prayers, humbling us along the way to better understand all is a gift (grace) from our merciful God. We do nothing; through God we can do all things. This verse kept running through my mind as I was busy making 1,000 pies within a year, now doing spiritual writing. I give God the credit for any good I may do. Iíve felt the hand of God upon my life now for a long time. He walked (called) me back into His loving embrace and now sustains me with daily communion (His body and blood).

We hear for everything there is a reason. As I was putting the finishing touches on this article I found a poem Godís Reason.Ē I quote, ďThat little place weíre filling is the reason for our birth, and just to do the work we do He sent us down to earth, and there isnít any service we can scorn, for it may be just the reason God allowed us to be born.Ē

I do firmly believe God can work good out of all things (remembering always Godís ways are not always our ways). Our prayers give God fuel (power) to do that. Oh yes, He has the strength He needs to do all things, but wants to involve the human race as well. Its a way of connecting with our Heavenly Father.

Sometimes God gives us a wake-up call. One among others for me was to submit to much needed heart surgery, trusting Heíd be with the doctor as I received a new valve.

Sometimes I think if we didnít have some valleys in our life, perhaps we wouldnít have much faith as well. Read the lives of the saints. Surely their lives werenít a bed of roses but many thorns along the way.

Perhaps at some point we just have to decide if itís our way or no way or is it Godís way (His will) knowing its the right way. I certainly didnít see any beauty to be sitting in the muck of depression or having to let go of so many (six) of my children. I believe when the time was right God gathered up all the prayers said for me and is bringing healing into my life. Now my heart and soul go out to those mourning the loss of a loved one or suffering depression. I say to them, donít lose heart, try to conform to Godís ways, knowing and trusting He can heal you. Try to focus on the lesson He is trying to teach you, knowing He is our heavenly teacher and His ways are not always our ways. One of my children reached out in love and desperation during my depression giving me the prayer ďAccept the things you canít change, change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference.Ē That was my lesson and I am continuously learning it.

May God ever walk beside you, comforting and consoling you as you walk your journey of life - the mountains and the valleys.



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