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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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al owne in the kitchen (07/25/2012)
By Al Owne
I goofed up a microwave dinner the other day and that takes skill. I buy some of these all-in-one dinners for people who are watching their weight, their cholesterol, or their health in general. I really donít need them for the reasons stated on the box as my cholesterol is often on the low side of the scale, but they are usually pretty tasty and easy to fix, which fits into my cooking style. One of my children spied some of these in the freezer and worriedly asked if I was trying to lose weight because Iím at my high school weight right now. I think she thought I was bulimic or something. Iíve remained at that weight for quite a while now because of medical reasons, not will power.

So I popped one of these meals into my super zapper and set it for the most time listed, because Iím kind of allergic to raw chicken, and pressed start. It was a pot pie, which I like, and it wasnít one of the 69-cent ones; it was a product prepared personally by someone named Marie. When I took it out, the crust was so hard I could hardly cut it let alone chew it. I think that that maybe my microwave was a little too strong for their directions so I actually looked at the book to see how many watts itís rated at. It was turned to the section on how to set the clock, of course. I read the whole set of directions and still donít know. I know how to not burn, electrocute, or sterilize myself but not how many watts it has. Iíll just have to set it a few seconds less and hope I donít poison myself.

What do you say to someone who has just lost a spouse? I really donít know. I couldnít tell you what people said to me at my wifeís funeral. What mattered to me was that they were there! I saved all the cards that I received and read them later when my head was somewhat cleared. I guess I understood that whatever was said or written, it was done in good faith and thatís what counted to me.

Is it possible to get cabin fever in the summertime? I think maybe Iím suffering from A/C fever. The only exercising Iím doing outside is watering. Yes, I broke down and planted some tomatoes and peppers along with the plants I over-wintered. Itís getting so hot and dry; I wouldnít be surprised to see a 1930 Model A Ford truck loaded with belongings headed to California.

Sunday the Post wrote about another scam directed mostly at senior citizens. We have to be careful! Donít be afraid to ask questions if you arenít sure of something or someone. I have caller ID so I can usually ignore the telemarketers, but sometimes I get tricked. They might as well give up; Iím not buying anymore green frying pans.

Remember, we are all in this together; help one another. alnada2704@gmail.com



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