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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Insomnia and hell (07/29/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Iíve come to realize even in suffering insomnia I can find some wisdom. God has taught me a lesson I feel I am supposed to share with my readers. For some time now my sleep pattern hasnít served me so well. I occasionally get up around midnight. It just seems like the clock stands still, yet we know morning always eventually comes. Not so in hell. Itís just one dark, miserable hot night (no air conditioning) forever. Nothing good or enjoyable, the absence of God and our thoughts dwelling on the happiness of heaven which we have now lost. In fact I think perhaps every living creature we hated in this world will haunt us in hell - snakes, bats, spiders, and the like.

I believe another example would be the hot record-breaking temperatures we have been experiencing. I do believe God is asking America to get down on its knees and repent of the awful sins being committed, most especially abortion. Again we have hope that surely the weather will get cooler, or even cold, but in hell hope is forever erased from our lives.

As far as that goes I enjoy getting up kind of early at times. Itís just such a quiet time to spend with yourself and God, getting acquainted with both. A chance to think, a time for tranquility you need for prayer, meditating, reading, and sometimes rejoicing in the new day God has given. Itís a time to take inventory of where I have been and the direction I need to go, and acknowledge my sins and faults along the way, know times I need to exchange pride for humility.

We as Catholics are graced with the sacrament of Confession (Reconciliation). We reconcile with God with a priest as mediator. People of other faiths have other methods and Iím not here to judge. Confession isnít always easy but very rewarding. When receiving this sacrament you are filled with peace and the grace of God, again ready to meet the challenge of life. God in His great mercy accepts both kinds of contrition - imperfect (we are sorry for our sins because we dread the pains of hell), and perfect, because we have offended our good and loving God.

Talking about hell is far from my favorite subject, but we must be aware of its existence. Seeking the mercy of God assures us of escaping this awful place we call hell.

I may never write in such a manner again so I ask you to give this message some serious thought. Parents and grandparents, letís be the first to fold our hands and give our hearts to our God of mercy in prayer, begging and trusting for the grace we all need to conform our lives to Godís holy will so that we can all join together in the joys of heaven some day.

P.S. We wonít need any sleep there.



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