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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Fighting Fear (07/29/2012)
by T.M. Schoewe

People are a worrisome lot. We just had several visits to emergency and a critical few days in the hospital. Though we were well taken care of, we were very concerned it might be the end. This was indeed a fearful time for us and our family. It is impossible not to run into fear during such a time. But if we are honest we must admit that much of all our lives in this fallen world are permeated with fear. Whether you are a teenager, a young adult or aged, we all have things that we are very much afraid of happening. This worrying is unhealthy and generally what is behind many a troubled life. And of course, Satan would have you worry yourself sick.

So don’t worry! Why worry? There is a good old book called the scriptures and it well ought to have the title “Be not afraid!” Go to the first chapter and you will learn about fear and how it came into that garden to spoil God’s wonderful creation. It also tells us how we are delivered from the fearful consequences of sin, death and hell. Read Isaiah 41:13 and Exodus 14:13. The New Testament starts with the angel Gabriel greeting the mother of our Lord with the words “Be not afraid.” Reading through the Psalms you are confronted by many “Fear nots.” Remember Psalm 23:4. Go on a little “worry” search through the N.T. and you will be overwhelmed by this teaching about “not being afraid.” Dr. Luke tells us how Jesus helped in overcoming the anxieties of worry. He notes “why even the hairs of your head are all numbered.” He asks “are not two sparrows sold for a penny?” “Are you not worth more than many million birds?” If He knows how many hairs are on your head, how much more concern must He have for what is your trouble or worry!

And because you count more than the many birds and are more important than the hairs on your head, and in order to deliver us all from the fear the garden spoiler introduced into this wonderful creation, the Lord Himself suffered and died on a cross; only to rise on the third day in victory over that spoiler, freeing you from sin, death and the fear of being forever separated from your Maker.

So let your worries go and take His words to heart: “Be not afraid!” Stop wrestling with your fears. This is what that spoiler in the garden would have you do. Trust in the Lord and ask Him for comfort and protection; but of course, if there are matters you know you can do something about, do it! Do not be afraid!

P.S. Although the medical attention my wife and I have received over the past couple of weeks was administered by true professionals and the direct result of a well-trained staff sincere in the care they provide, Theodore and Donna Schoewe would like to thank the Lord for all those that staffed the Winona E.R., 3 West and ICU (Dr. Shepard etal), as well as at the La Crosse Gunderson Hospital 6 West and 3 West staff (Drs. Jaeger and Udell etal) during our stays there. There are too many names to mention but you know who you are if you happen to read this article. And in case you haven’t heard it lately, you are special! To the general public that reads this, we would like to express our thanks and acknowledge the good fortune we have in having such facilities and medical care in our communities.  


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