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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Some words of wisdom (08/05/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


As I contemplated what my next article should be, I thought, imagine this would be my last, so what words of wisdom would I want to leave everyone? After all I am getting sorta tired and maybe old!

Youíre as old as you feel, they say. I donít know. My kids would testify Iíve been that way all my life, besides Iím hoping to get my second wind any time soon. Maybe youíre as old as you look. Well thatís not always the case either, not many gray hairs yet and for heavenís sake Iím not revealing my age - till next year - if then. And again donít ask my grandson Matt, cause he ainít telling. I do think Iím pretty young at heart, Iím sure some of you agree, get a bit silly at times. First we are to be prayerful people, but then happy, smiling, and laughing. Jesus surely had these characteristics as well.

So what do I want to tell the world? Iím lucky if my six children read what I have to say - just kidding. I know I have a lot of readers. I say thank you. Iíd like to cordially invite all my grandchildren to do so as well. There is so much confusion in the world. Lord let me be a beacon of light for them to find their way in a world that has become darkened with sin.

I thank God for my six loving children. I have come to realize they belong to God more than me. God made all people then He picked out special ones on loan to us with the request to love them and raise them well. God says teach them to love me too, their hearts will be restless until they find me. They are destined to spend eternity with me, so they need to know, love, and serve me while in your guidance. Have your child baptized. ďUnless a man be born again of water and the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God.Ē John 3.5 Baptism is a sacrament that gives our souls the new life of sanctifying grace by which we become children of God and heirs of heaven. Most likely you have 18 years to walk and work with them. But start at a young age in their formative years. Besides academics, colors, numbers and the like, teach them to pray (pray with them and for them). Bring them to my house a church. I am everywhere but itís a church where I call my home away from home.

Words of wisdom if I could raise my children over again, Iíd take more time to talk, love and kiss them, show my love and teach them Godís endless love for them. I could have simplified my life a bit as a homemaker. I guess I didnít really have to use my time to make pickles and beet jelly or even homemade bread and ice cream. I guess I meant well.

I just think I should have spent more time teaching and preparing them for the world and all the traps Satan hopes to ensnare them in. Parents, stay close to your children, discipline them in love. If you say no, donít let your childís tears or sad face change your mind. You must lead the way. They must follow (obey), even if it means a little time out.

As far as words of wisdom after 60 years of marriage, I just say donít sweat the small stuff and itís all small stuff, it just doesnít seem like it at the time. I read the book Donít Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson to my husband. We still find ourselves getting a bit worked up at times, basically over nothing - have to read the book again.

Another important thing for spouses is to agree to disagree. Men and women are wired differently so expect your thinking to be different sometimes and thatís okay.

Oh, just one more thing. Listen to your own words before you speak them. Censor your thoughts as well. If they are harsh and unkind, then better left unsaid. But let your loving words and thoughts be spoken.

Well, I hope I have offered some food for thought. My last article? No, I think God has more words of wisdom He wants me to share. Till next time, God love you.

P.S. Do pray together as a couple or a family. God says, ďWhere 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I am in their midst.Ē 


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