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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Your propitiation (08/12/2012)
From T.M. Schoewe

Last week we noted that life is in the blood and also that “there is no forgiveness without the shedding of His blood!” To explain that truth we need the word propitiation. Just what is propitiation?

The word carries the basic idea of appeasement or to be satisfied. And that is specifically towards God! It has two parts. One involves appeasing the wrath of the offended and the other has to do with being reconciled to that person.

This appeasing God is something many religions have in common. Pagan religions as well as many modern religions today teach man appeases the Gods or God by offering some sort of gift or doing something special to reconcile one to God. Even the Old Testament taught that offering sacrifices involving the shedding of blood was sufficient to obtain appeasement and reconciliation. But throughout both Testaments there are references to the only One Who could and would provide the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of the people. The Bible teaches God Himself has provided the means through which both His wrath can be appeased and sinful man reconciled to Him. If you read the New Testament you will find the act of propitiation always refers to the work of God and not any gifts or sacrifices by man. The only way man might satisfy God’s justice would be to spend an eternity in hell. So, there is no service or gift or sacrifice that man can offer that will satisfy God’s perfect justice. The only propitiation (or satisfaction) that could be acceptable to God and could reconcile man to Him had to be made by God. This is the reason God the Son Jesus Christ came into human flesh to be the perfect sacrifice for sin and make atonement or “propitiation” for the sins of His people. And the resurrection of His Son proved He was satisfied with His Son’s life and death, declaring Him triumphant over death and sin. And this is the profound and revolutionary distinction between our Christian faith and the various religions. You will find some good reading on this subject in Romans 3:23-25, Romans 1:8; and in 1st John 2:2 and 4:10.

It is our prayer that you will always accept the “propitiation” that has been made for you from the foundation of our world. Life is in the blood but without the shedding of His blood there would be no forgiveness of sin for you. Believe it with joy and you will keep a happy outlook in life.



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