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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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The testimony of Gloria Polo (08/19/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


As I was about to do the final writing on my next article I realized I’d lost it. I can just hear my children say, what else is new? So what’s the problem? Can’t be my age, which I thought I was keeping quite secretive (except for my grandson Matt), till my visit to the doctor the other day. There it was right up on his computer. The nurse even saw it - my age. My doctor mentioned ways a pacemaker might benefit me and I gave him the possible side effects, so we dropped the issue and left everything as is. I said, “Oh well, I just came to see how you were doing!”

I just want to back up to my last article and talk a bit more about Gloria Polo’s experience with death. I guess most people don’t really think much about that in our younger years. I didn’t. After all that’s for old people isn’t it? But I guess the obituaries speak the truth. Now I pay quite close attention to the ages as well as the names. I read some are in their 90s even 100. I find that encouraging. I have so much to do yet, so many heart songs to share and clean my house as well. When I get my second wind (any day now I hope), I plan to go upstairs and tackle the junk room, sort the treasure from the trash and make sure the trash goes to J&J Rubbish and not J.Z. (Jim Zimmerman) to add to his collection in his shop. Never know when you might need it, he says. Oh well, I don’t sweat the small stuff. Right?

I had a heart valve replacement a couple years ago so I think I’m good to go for hopefully a long time. My friend Carla from Grace Place says that’s when God gave me a new heart. I only prayed “Create in me a clean heart, oh Lord,” one that would beat more for others than myself.

Gloria Polo’s death experience is a great true story called “Struck by Lightning.” Gloria Polo is a dentist in Bogota, Colombia. As she was walking in the rain she came by a tree and was struck by lightning twice, leaving her extremely burnt body to experience the review of her life before the throne of God (how she broke all Ten Commandments). It didn’t go very well at all. God in His great mercy allowed Gloria to come back to change from being a diet-style Catholic to a very devout Catholic.

Gloria witnessed this beautiful place called heaven. She saw the souls of her parents and grandparents. I hope this will bring some enlightenment to the man that disputed my article “Letter from Heaven.” It is misguided to think the soul goes into the grave until the resurrection. Not true - all the encouragement I get counteracts a few critics.

God commanded Gloria to go around sharing her experience not 1,000 times but 1,000 times 1,000. Those who have read her testimony are very impressed. I think we can all learn from Gloria’s experience. Gloria Polo has the approval of her diocese and her spiritual director.

I have these books available. Call 1-507-452-2570 or write 318 Orrin St., Winona, MN 55987.

P.S. Gloria’s reproductive organs and breasts were badly burned, but upon recovery she bore a child and nursed it. Truly a story of miracles.



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