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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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What is God asking of us? (08/26/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, what does God really want, what are the expectations and requirements to find the pearl of great price? To inherit the kingdom of God? God really wants our love (love is the walking stick that gets us through the valleys of life on our way to the mountains.) If we donít have love we are awfully spiritually poor. If we have love and continuously share it, we are rich beyond measure and on the right track.

Life is comparable to a game - the game of life. (Actually that is the name of one of the books I wrote). With every game comes rules, God gave us rules for this all important game, to become a winner. They are the Ten Commandments He gave to Moses to be passed on to every human person. God expects mankind to help one another to believe in Him and live out the expectations He has for us. A few of the rules God asks of us as our guide. Love God with your whole mind, heart and soul - your neighbor as yourself. Actually that pretty much covers all the rest of the rules. Where there is love, hate canít exist. Where love doesnít exist, the door opens for the commandments to be broken, including murder - Thou Shalt Not Kill. What do you suppose abortion does? Life growing within your womb, you rid yourself (abortion) of these living cells forming into a child made in Godís image. Thatís murder in the highest form. Mothers, fathers, and doctors, canít you see that? Whatís obstructing your vision on that, for doctors and Planned Parenthood is it the $$ sign? For mothers is it the lights and glamour of the world that blinds you? Fathers, is it the responsibility of laboring to support a child versus squandering money in some worldly amusement?

Love your neighbor as yourself. That includes your child, children, your worst enemy (if you have any), starving, hungry people in your city or across the world.

I certainly donít want to hear the words before the judgment seat of God: I was hungry and thirsty and you gave me no food or drink. Do you?

Do we hoard every penny or do we share our wealth? God will not be outdone in generosity. I could give you firsthand so many occasions of that in my life, but space doesnít allow for it.

Itís said unless we become like a little child (means to be humble) we wonít enter heaven. Donít lose heart, and pray for the grace of love, humility and forgiveness. Surely God will answer such a request.

If we need a dose of spiritual energy, I say just glance at a crucifix. You will see all the above traits. What greater love is there than to lay down your life for a friend! - - - all Godís children.

P.S. As I do this final writing itís August 20. I say Happy Birthday to my son Duane and my brother Jim Mack. We love you. 


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