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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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The gift of gratitude (09/02/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman

Yes, the gift, everything we have, every good trait in us is a gift from God (He needs to be thanked for it) lest we boast. We usually start our Bible study with Carla at Grace Place singing the song “Thank You.” If we are not thankful people we can always start verbally or in writing. Yes, I’ve had a lot of valleys in my lifetime, still I have so much to be thankful for.

We pray to God asking for this or that. Don’t doubt He is aware of every prayer and petition that comes out of our mouth. He especially has an ear for the cry of the poor. He hopes we hear it too, plus the silent voices of the unborn, and act upon it. Sometimes God says yes, sometimes no, and quite often says later.

I think being thankful, prayerful people helps us to better deal with whatever situation or obstacle may come upon us.

I think about my good parents and how hard they worked to raise us on a farm in South Dakota. I only have two older brothers. My dear brother Jim passed away a few years ago, four other brothers years ago. The farm was a good life. We raised a lot of our own good nutritious food. We kids learned from our parents that hard work never hurt anyone. I learned to milk cows, shock grain, did a lot of cooking, baking, canning, etc. Our parents also taught us about God. They lived the spiritual life. Mass was never missed without a very good reason—like being snowed in! I say thanks to my parents (now deceased) for all your hardship and especially through your example, the gift of faith. As I get older and my faith grows, I want others to have that joy as well, most especially my children. I give thanks to God for six wonderful living children (and 24 grandchildren) and those He called into His heavenly abode.

I feel a lot of gratitude for all the other many gifts God has given me to give me joy and fulfillment, making 1,000 pies to help the poor. I have such fond memories and pictures of that, and to all of you that helped me reach that goal, you deserve so much credit too. I give thanks also for the gift of writing. I say this in all humility. I have no qualifications for this except the Holy Spirit who makes all things possible. Writing these articles is just such a wonderful way to share my joys and sorrows. Thanks to everyone who makes the effort to read them. God bless you.

Thanks God, for a good faith-filled husband, now retired, enjoys helping the children, volunteering at our church, and attending daily Mass with me. Thanks Jim. I also send a hug to all of my dear friends - I love you.

I give thanks for our many holy priests. Thanks Father Jim Berning (St. Mary’s) and our most kind and loving Bishop Quinn.

Last, but not least, I surely thank Our Lord and Savior for dying painfully upon a cross for my sins and those of the whole world, that we may inherit the kingdom of heaven. Thank you God the Father, God the Son, and Holy Spirit.



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