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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (09/05/2012)
By Al Owne
Living alone, I get a lot of advice on how to survive from people who donít live alone. Something Iíve been hearing lately is, ďYou should get a dog to keep you company.Ē

This raises some questions. Do they think my personality is better fitted to dogs than people? Maybe they think I need a personality ďService Dog.Ē Perhaps they believe my food preparation is more fitting for animals.

Whatever the reason, my answer is that I donít need a dog; I can hardly take care of myself, how could I take care of a dog? I like dogs too well to have one saddled with taking care of me. Iím not saying that I enjoy talking to myself, but Iím not sure talking to a dog would be a whole lot better. At least I usually agree with me, and a dog might not.

I know some people in my situation who have dogs and are very happy. Iím happy for them and their dogs as well. The divorced single Mom whose column I read in another Sunday paper has just adopted a dog, a three-legged dog. I say good for her, and Iím sure her handicapped dog appreciates the new home.

I shouldnít call a three-legged dog handicapped. Iíve known some three-legged dogs who are certainly not handicapped in the least unless it comes to scratching. My only question is how could you name a three-legged dog Daisy? I thought it was a rule that all three-legged dogs were named Tripod.

Weíve passed Labor Day. Now I have to put away my straw hats and khaki pants for the winter. Do you remember those rules? I think nowadays we dress more according to temperatures than dates and thatís a good thing as far as Iím concerned. People donít criticize clothing much anymore, but I do remember someone telling me it was too early to wear corduroy pants. I replied, ďMy legs are cold,Ē and she didnít say anything else. Another item of menswear that hangs in large, dusty numbers in my closet is ties. In my profession, ties were a must at one time. I remember a day I went to work with a nice looking (I thought) mock turtle-neck with a sport coat. One of the secretaries said, ďDoes that have a bowling team name on the back?Ē I didnít wear that combination for quite a while. I never thought it was fair that women didnít have to wear ties.

I had a really good comment about my cake. A really experienced dessert eater tried it and said it was pretty good. I bought another mix so weíll see if I can do it again.

I find it difficult to visit people whom Iíve known over the years when they end up in some kind of care facility. I know thatís unfair, but it pains me to see their pain. I also know that averages say I most likely will be with them and want my friends to come and talk to me so maybe I better get over that feeling, eh?




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