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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Just who is Mary Zimmerman? (09/09/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I know I am somebody because God doesnít make nobodies. I donít pretend to be better than anyone, but on the other hand, Iím as good as anyone else, at least in Godís eyes. Somehow we all need to have that kind of image of ourselves.

I hope the readers who donít know me donít judge me to have wings and wear a halo. Iím sure those who do know me realize thatís not the case. I do believe in and love God very much but I struggle with sin like the rest of you. I donít like that part of me but I have learned (as I walk the road of life) more and more to trust in Godís mercy if I was to move beyond insisting on looking back pondering and wallowing in my past sins and transgressions. Iíll provide God with enough evidence as well that I am sincere in walking my road of life, forging ahead to my eternal home with His grace and encouragement from those walking by my side.

I feel such a need to share the gospel of Godís love and mercy to the whole world. It seems to me the world has its priorities a bit mixed up as to whatís going to really count in the end. Actually you leave all your possessions behind and only claim what you have forwarded ahead of time - kind deeds, etc. I donít believe the works of mercy would be mentioned so often from the churches if they werenít so very important. When we meet God face to face and He says, ďI was hungry, you gave me no food,Ē we answer, ďWhen Lord did we see you hungry?Ē God will answer, ďYou knew it, you saw it on the daily news, then I sent you letters to remind you, but no, you just wanted to make sure you kept your own bellies full as I starved. As long as you do it to the least of my brothers you did it to me.Ē

I feel a real need to help the poor. Yes, I believe charity begins at home with oneís family. It may be food, but I believe more than likely itís just love, prayers, and a forgiving heart.

Itís most important to focus on the commandment to love you neighbor as yourself, see that he has the necessities of life as well. I donít want a lot of fancy clothes and other nice things if my neighbor doesnít even have food. That in return helps you love yourself. That is the secret to surviving the knocks and blows of life. If we put others first, including putting Godís holy will above our own, thatís the key to happiness in this world, but most especially in the next.

It is my hope and desire that Iím traveling the right road. I desire that all be saved. Maybe some think I should mind my own business. I think trying to help save souls is every Christianís responsibility and surely Godís will. Thatís the spiritual works of mercy.

Once more letís recall the corporal works of mercy. I was hungry, you gave me food, thirsty - water, naked- clothes, now come to my heavenly banquet. 


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