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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Your vote counts (09/09/2012)
From: T.M. Schoewe

We are standing at the threshold of deciding just how we should vote for many elected officials, particularly the President of these United States. And actually your voting is called for by our Lord who said “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.” In Romans Chapter 13 we are reminded to be subject to higher powers, for they are ordinances of God Who sits on the throne and Whose hand determines the rising and falling of nations. We happen to have a democratic republic which is designed to operate by the will of her citizens.

We recently read about a lady who first voted in 1920 when women were first permitted to vote in the national election. This year she is in a nursing home but she is going to vote. So join her! Vote! Your vote is important. And remember if you’re one that maybe won’t vote..think about it again. Not voting effectively is to vote. Unfortunately with a very limited number of choices, we may find ourselves voting for what is considered “the lesser of two evils.” At least we all can be grateful for the fact that we decide who we want as President every four years, and with that there is the opportunity as a country to get it right this time.

This year’s national election is more than just an election! It is an intelligence test for America. It is a test not just between opposing candidates but of the voting public. Being informed we need to consider the issues. What are the real issues? The real issues are about change, about leadership and about this country’s future outlook. Are you satisfied the way things are, with high unemployment, with an outlandish national debt, with the country’s leadership and her position amongst the nations of the world? If you are, then vote for no change.

But if you can face some truths that are hard facts, hard facts about where we actually are as a nation, where our country is and where it is heading, you will not vote for more of the same for four more years.

This writer is neither a Democrat or Republican but a free spirit. And we sense that there is beginning to arise among Americans an awakening that might just turn into a landslide which saves our country. Remember what the real issues are and do not be distracted from them. Vote, and help your country pass this test! Not to vote is to have a faith that passes all understanding. 


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