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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Babies have the right to life (09/16/2012)

From: Mary Zimmerman


First please allow me to back up a couple of articles and make an important addition to the Gift of Gratitude. Iím thankful for all my dear friends, a close friend Ella in South Dakota, my Bible study friends, and so many special young people, including my children and grandchildren. Duane cared so much for people and I desire to carry on this legacy in his memory. I am thankful for the many doctors who tried to help me along lifeís journey, my many bouts with depression (I want to say, depression doesnít have to have the last word), and most recently, my heart condition and surgery.

Iíd like to speak out once again on the abortion issue and religious liberty. Once conceived, a baby then has the right to be born. I recently read an article stating abortions are down in Minnesota, 11,071 performed in 2011. Thatís 11,071 too many, even for one. Iíll speak out as long as words come out of my mouth and my hand can write.

Babies are Godís precious gift to mankind and we have no right to throw them back in His face (abortion).

Iím not telling anyone how to vote, but carefully pray and ponder before you cast your vote. These are words from Mother Teresa. I quote, ďI feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child. Murder by the mother herself.Ē

I believe the sin of abortion is what is calling down the wrath of God upon America. Who can explain all the strange happenings! Weather conditions, floods, earthquakes, broken families, etc. Love doesnít exist as it should, hate seems to be running rampant.

I stand up for life from conception to natural death, and I also protest so many needless wars in which so many servicemen and women have lost their lives. We had no business starting the war in Iraq and I wonder if we really belong in Afghanistan! All the lives being lost and money being spent could better serve the purpose of taking care of the poor and finding cures for illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, MS, etc.

I believe before we vote we should ask ourselves which candidate best stands up for life, liberty, and justice for all. These are not just Catholic issues but should be everyoneís concern. I sometimes wonder the way health care is headed, if someone as small as my granddaughter (1 lb. 5 oz.) would receive treatment (she is now a beautiful young lady), or if Iíd be able to have a heart valve replacement at my age (not telling). And most especially, not much hope for the thousands of babies being killed daily.

We must fight for religious freedom as well. Many people in other countries risk their lives to attend church services. We donít know whatís in store for us. We do know thereís a force right now trying to put Godís commandments and Baby Jesus as well in the closet. They are trying to change Christmas (Christís Mass) to Xmas, wanting to replace these religious holidays with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

When you cast your vote remember babies have a right to life too. The future belongs to you and me, letís include God as well. Then we can first cry out God Bless America.

P.S. I filled a request for an apple carmel pie last week. Pie anyone? 


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