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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (09/26/2012)
By Al Owne
I sat at breakfast reading the cereal box, as I often do, and it told me that if I keep eating this particular cereal for a month, I can lose one size. You know theyíre right. Iíve been eating this cereal for quite a while although not exclusively, but this is one of the regular choices. By gosh; I have lost a size but itís in length, not circumference. I was seeing a doctor who was doing a study on the decreasing height of older folks like me.

The nurse did a height measurement and said, ďFive foot ten.Ē ďNo, noĒ I replied, ďIím five foot eleven and fifteen-sixteenths.Ē She showed me the measurement, and by gosh she was right. I lost a pants size.

Iím basically the same weight as I was as a senior in high school. This is not because of some great will power on my part; rather itís a culmination of a number of medical problems that keep my weight down. It wasnít always like that; I was your basic tubby Teddy for much of my middle life. Shortly before I left the Army, someone called me ďHeavy.Ē The Army has some rather cruel but descriptive nicknames for people depending on their weight, height, nationality, and hair color.

I used my own diet to lose some weight before my medical condition took over. I called it ďAlís donít buy it Ė diet!Ē I found that if I didnít buy the products that caused me to gain weight, I didnít eat them. I was usually too tired or lazy to run to the store and buy what was bad for me. Hey, it worked.

Another diet trick that works for me is to put candy etc. in the freezer soon after I bring it home. Itís harder (both ways) to eat frozen, and I have a tendency to forget about it after a while.

I had another mild microwave incident the other day and I donít think it was all my fault. I bought some frozen fish again. You are probably saying, ďDoesnít this guy ever learn?Ē It said I could microwave it so I read the directions carefully. First I thawed the fish by placing it in a plastic bag, then a dish of warm water. Ok, the fish is thawed; now I placed it in the microwave and cooked it three minutes according to their directions. I did all that, opened the door, and took out a piece of hard, dry fish about the size of a half-dollar. If it would have been a little bigger, it could have been a substitute hockey puck.

I didnít put all the fish I had thawed in at once so the next time I went for two minutes, but it looked a little fishy so I tacked on 25 seconds. It was not great, but pretty good. Either their directions are out of date or my microwave is way too strong for my own good.

Iím working on a picture for you instead of the basket photo on Facebook.

Call a widowed person this week. Alnada2704@gmail.com



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