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  Saturday December 20th, 2014    

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Jack Krage replies to Danny Neumann (09/30/2012)
From: Jack Krage

Danny Neumann’s September 12, 2012, letter referenced attack ads the Minnesota Republican Party has mailed throughout our senate district containing a barrage of false statements. I want to clarify my position for Danny and other readers.

The claim that I was handpicked by special interests and endorsed by the Alliance for a Better Minnesota makes no sense. I had never heard of this group, nor did it endorse or donate to my campaign. I was asked to consider running by Kathy Doran at a DFL meeting. I talked with my wife, Sue, before committing. Sue encouraged me to run. These ladies must be my special interest group.

He refers to GOP ads that say I am intent on raising taxes on families and small businesses. This is false. I support legislation raising taxes on the top income bracket. I am against heaping tax on the shoulders of the middle class. I support reinstatement of the homestead credit which was eliminated by the Republican majority.

He claims I will initiate new government spending programs, which will send Minnesota deeper in debt. I will work to generate new jobs in the state, not new taxes.

I’m accused of siding with the interests of teachers—“schools that serve teacher unions first and kids last.” I am a former teacher and have never met a teacher that put their economic interests ahead of their students’ needs. I would NEVER vote to borrow from school budgets to balance the state’s budget, as Senator Miller did.

He alleges that I would unionize small businesses and daycares. False. A business can unionize only if fifty-one percent of its employees vote to unionize. Daycare providers are independent contractors. I do not foresee them choosing to unionize.

He notes I am a W.S.U. alum. Raised on a small farm, I learned the value of hard work. This ethic was well served at W.S.U., where I worked two jobs to get by. I am proud to be a graduate of W.S.U. He refers to special interest groups, and says I don’t support the “average Jack on the street.” Family is a huge part of my life; I have a wonderful wife, four super children and three grandchildren. Lions play a huge part of my life where our motto is ‘To Serve.’ I have been a Cotter Booster, have spoken to groups urging passage of the referendum to build the new Winona Middle School and have been an active member of the W.S.U. Alumni Society. I was appointed to the Winona Planning commission by Mayor Jerry Miller. These are my Special Interests.

In the face of these false accusations, I only hope that truth will prevail.



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