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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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We are all called to holiness (09/30/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman

Mother Angelica, founder of the TV network EWTN said, ďWe are all called to be saints, donít miss the opportunity.Ē To be saints we must open our hearts and minds to the call of holiness. We all have this chance of a lifetime, how long that span of a lifetime, no one knows, since God is all-knowing. I think He plucks earthly flowers (souls) when they are in their fullest bloom possible, and plants them in the garden of heaven. I felt that with our 16-year-old son, Duane, leaving his family, friends and the world behind. He had a deep love for God and all people but I donít think the world brought him much joy. As for me I have not reached that height of holiness. I think God is giving me some extra make up time as I come close to what is known as the golden years (nope, not telling my age), for the times I spent in the hole of depression and the times I lived a less holy life.

God desires to give us the graces to make amends for those times. Prayer, of course, love tenderly and deeply, opening wide our hearts and souls to the gifts of the Holy Spirit in confirmation. Judge not and you wonít be judged. Seek Godís will above yours, keep Godís commandments ever before your eyes, form a good conscience of right and wrong. With Godís help we can somewhat close our ears to worldly noise and our eyes to sinful images (TV, etc.) the world puts in our midst. We are to live in the world but not be of the world. A Christianís responsibility is to straddle that path that leads us to holiness and eternal life, remember God made heaven large enough for everyone. As He died a shameful death upon a cross, He thought of every man and woman, every child He ever created and those to come. He forgot no one. We are all so precious in Godís eyes. God is so proud of our good deeds, but it also grieves Him deeply to watch all he worlds evils - abortion, same sex marriages, different movements that have started, etc., just to name a few. It almost seems like we have placed Jesus back in the Garden of Gethsemane sweating tears of blood, forcing Him to again carry His cross, and being crucified anew - no no - we must not do that.

America turn back to God. We must educate our children in faith and morals, teach them how to be holy and to pray. It can be as simple as a short prayer before meals and others throughout the day. Parents you are their first teachers. Tell your children who made them and why. Give them a foundation to build on toward the way of holiness. They need to hear all this from you, their religion teachers, from the church, and us grandparents need to do our part as well.

Donít live just for this world. Your life will end - then what? Have you prepared yourself and your children to give an account of your lives? If you have learned in life of humility, generosity, repentance, love, forgiveness, striving for holiness, it should all go quite well and dying shouldnít be something so painful, leaving your loved ones, knowing youíll meet up again. God in all His mercy desires holiness for everyone and heaven rejoices even at a deathbed conversion (turning to God, asking for mercy). Lets all seek holiness. Itís within our grasp. Heaven will be our reward.

P.S. Happy birthday Kathy, our firstborn, Sept. 29. We love you always.



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