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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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In response to ‘Issues with My Little Pony’ (09/30/2012)
From:: Scott Rivers

I recently came across the article in question on Winona Post and had some counterpoints I wanted to share with the original author (a Mrs. Jan Miller), especially as a fan of the show who caught glaring errors in her piece.

Mrs. Miller: your racial allegories in regards to Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon have been discussed before, and similarly dismissed by the original creator of the show (Lauren Faust). The simple fact that “the good character is white” and “the bad character is black/blue” does not, and has not in this context, ever reflected racism, especially in a setting where every character is practically every color imaginable and treated equally by their peers. And by the by, the voice actress for Nightmare Moon is a Mrs. Tabitha St. Germain, who not only is white herself, but voices several other characters in the show (including the white unicorn Rarity, as a matter of fact). I would suggest giving one of the later Season 1 episodes (“Bridle Gossip”) a watch, as it introduces a character named Zecora who is meant to portray—positively—racial differences…and who is voiced by a black actress (a Mrs. Brinda Crinchlow).

As to the problems with Applejack: she is not the sole provider of food in Ponyville. Her status as an earth pony gives her and other ponies like her a bloodborne sense of sorts with nature and the earth, enabling them to be excellent at growing food. True, in watching those few episodes (I assume from your citation you watched the pilot episodes and Episode 3, Applebucking Season) you only really see apples being made or grown in any sort of capacity, but it becomes clear later on that the town does not survive solely on the fruit (and she clearly is not the only pony in the entire world who grows food for anyone else) nor are the other ponies lazy in any sort—they merely have different jobs that are expected of them in society due to their natural talents.

I would also like to mention that this counterargument comes from a Texan liberal—the very person who would probably be stereotypically offended by the same points you bring up. However, having watched the show from the beginning to its current point, I find I have to disagree with the article.

Whomever sees this, I thank you for reading this. If you would like to maintain contact in regards to a rebuttal or other sort of acknowledgement, send me an email at plasma_naginata@yahoo.com. I would be happy to respond.



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