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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Accomplices with ruinators? (10/03/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many governmental officials are attempting to ruin America? Far too many. Are these ruinators of America being supported, defended and protected by the media? Why do we ask? Well, since non-media people know the names of many of the ruinators of America, doesnít the media also know who these ruinators are? And since the media is not speaking (not reporting about their criminal activity) a negative word about these ruinators of America, what are we to assume?

There are crimes committed against the American people every day by some of our governmental officials. Now, why arenít these crimes against America being broadcast by the media? Not a peep to date about these ruinators. The media gives us the impression that it does not have the courage, nor the concern, to name names and to mention what these ruinators are doing to America. What is their reason for not speaking what should be spoken?

Is the media aware of what some governmental officials are doing to ruin America? If they are (as are most Americans), then why would the media support, defend and protect these ruinators from detection and probable prosecution? Those who should be broadcasting about this criminal behavior, are they also guilty of criminal and prosecutable offenses? Isnít holding back evidence from a serious crime (that which is being done to America) a matter that should greatly concern the media?

There are those who are not afraid to tell one lie after another day after day, so why should anyone be afraid to tell the truth? If the media would do an honest dayís work and begin telling the truth about all the ruinators of America, these ruinators would become fearful of pursuing and continuing their destructive ways against America.

Should we continue to mention the fact that there are many ruinators in high places of authority? Should we continue to mention that the media should be broadcasting daily about these ruinous governmental officials? Should the media support, defend and protect the ruinators of America?

If we have a family member who is attempting to ruin our familyís reputation, should we continue to support, defend and protect this person from becoming known to all the members of our family? Of course not. If we didnít tell the truth to all the members of our family we would be guilty of being accomplices with a known ruinator. By not speaking out about the ruinators in Washington, should the media be charged with being accomplices with ruinators of America? 


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