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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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The ‘Mixed Marriage’ (10/07/2012)
From T.M. Schoewe

This mixed marriage is not one which you might have in mind, between different ethnic backgrounds or religious faiths or one where one of the partners does not have any faith. And it surely isn’t one between a Vikings’ fan and a Packer diehard.

The mixed marriage we speak of is mixed because of politics. Maybe you read about this story. Isaac, an ardent Republican, kisses his wife goodbye and heads out on a business trip to Asia, leaving his absentee ballot with her for safekeeping until the coming presidential election, when she was to mail it in.

Bonnie, being a good Democrat, thought it over. Should she be loyal to her spouse or faithful to the Democrat party? It was a real dilemma. She decided to do the right thing, she threw the ballot away! Ooftah! Bonnie says she did not tell her husband about it for years and doesn’t remember how he ever found out. But when he discovered her betrayal he wasn’t amused. He says “I was speechless! I’ve never missed a vote!”

Perhaps the toughest mixed marriage is between a Republican and a Democrat when each partner is really “dug in!” The election season is now in full swing and may pose a threat to many relationships. People of different views often become intolerant of others, even those they love. And when you find a person you have respected now opposes your favorite candidate you become greatly disappointed.

Here are some suggestions for this mixed marriage. First, when it comes to politics you are not going to change anybody. Second, everything we do to get others to see things our way only pushes them further away. Third, once this happens we end up losing respect and say things we regret. Finally, we need to stop and listen to the Lord!

He Who died for us reminds us that we are not our own, we are God’s. To prove that, we are to do as He tells us, to love another. Furthermore, scripture (Eph. 5:21) beseeches us to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” That sounds like a lot of work and somewhat risky. Who then will take care of you and your needs? One of the greatest secrets of a “happy marriage” is mutual submission, for it ignites each other. It is a “win-win!” You honor Christ and your lives get better and each of you can agree, “you are a spender, I am a saver, you love cats, I love dogs, I am a Republican and you are a Democrat! Forward Obama! Win Romney!”

And so you both make it a happy mixed marriage.

P.S. There was a couple of 46 years. The wife, a Democrat, knew her husband loved George Bush so she hung a picture of him in the kitchen. He saw the picture and took it down. She put it back up. And so it went. He’d take it down, she’d put it up. It was their way of saying “I was here!” They are now into the 47th year of their mixed marriage. 


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