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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Meaning of the word ‘marriage’ (10/14/2012)
From: Jerome R. Kulas

For thousands of years marriage has always been between a man and a woman for the purpose of creating and raising children to adulthood. I believe all of the major religions subscribe to this fact because it has proven over the years to be the most important influence in the continuation and stability of the family in society. You are trying to change the meaning of the word “Marriage”.

Civil society, namely the state, has approved a marriage ceremony for nonreligious people, still simply a man and a woman. So it could approve of a ceremony for two people of the same sex, (call it a civil union, a mutual agreement or whatever name you choose to give it) by which it could cover joint bank accounts, medical and life insurance, funerals and anything else normally covered in a marriage, but you must call it something else, you absolutely cannot call it a Marriage. The church and the Bishops are simply asking the state to give the civil ceremony for two people of the same sex another name besides marriage, because it is not the same.

The Catholic Church never has been a "democratic" society, subject to the many possible divergent views of its parishioners. It has always stuck to its commission from Jesus, who always insisted "he who is not with me is against me". He did not mince words. I agree with Mr. Hittner that recent happenings in the church with the scandal of a few of its priests has brought shame upon itself, but you must admit the tremendous amount of good done by all of the churches is an immense boost to society in general.

The movement that he talks about to get the marriage amendment on the state constitution is necessary to force the state to give another name to an agreement between same-sex couples. You can't call it Marriage! It's not a marriage in any way shape or form. If it's not in the state constitution, some judge, by his singular opinion could force his ideas on the whole state of Minnesota, against the wishes of its citizens. The idea is not to infringe on anyone's rights or privileges, but simply to call something by its right name. 


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