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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Work together (10/14/2012)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If you were the CEO of a profitable company, would you want all of your employees working against one another? Would you want all of your employees unwilling to share their good ideas for improving on the company’s productivity? How long would such a business stay afloat if such unproductive behavior was allowed in the workplace?

The employees of a successful business work together (it’s a team effort) for the good of the company and the company’s customers. The employees don’t divide into two separate groups and then decide to constantly disagree with one another. What good could ever come to fruition by two groups of quarrelsome employees? We should ask our governmental officials (our employees) this question: “Are you working for the good of America or are you working solely for the good (?) of a get-nothing-good-done party?”

Our governmental employees in Washington simply put all of their ideas together and then choose the best one. Right? Wrong. This would be the right, logical and sensible thing to do, but doing what is right is no longer an attainable goal in Washington. Why? Because our employees in Washington are of this fallacious mindset: “My idea must be chosen and approved or it is divisive and diversionary time.” Opportunities to achieve something good for America now end in unproductive stalemate after unproductive stalemate. Doing what is right for the American people has become a nonexistent entity in Washington.

Even though we have many intellectuals working (?) for us in Washington, even the simplest of problems are not being addressed nor resolved. Why? Could it be because of their infantile behavior (everyone demanding his or her way)? The majority of our employees (governmental) would be given the heave-ho if they worked anywhere else.

Our employees (governmental) need to do their duty to America’s citizens and become concerned and responsible employees. They need to stop acting like spoiled adolescents. This should never become any employee’s main concern and intent: “If all attention is not focused on little ol’ me, then I am going to react like a spoiled child, break down, and let loose with a rageful tantrum.”

Our governmental officials (our employees) in Washington need to do what all other employees are required to do and are expected to accomplish in their place of employment - work together! 


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