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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (10/17/2012)
Are your closets messy? Do you have trouble finding that favorite outfit—male or female? I read a fairly large article recently that promised to take care of those problems. This person promises to help organize your closets for the small fee of $150 per hour with a two hour minimum.

I probably don’t have $150 worth of clothes in my closet. Nor do I have a closet organizer, but I have a system. I put all the clothes I wear in the middle so they’re easy to reach and shove the stuff I never wear to each end.

In the fall I switch from khaki to corduroy pants, and short sleeve to flannel or long sleeve shirts. I seldom wear ties so I just leave them as sort of a background for my other clothes. I have sort of a feng shui for closets.

People have said that if one doesn’t wear an item of clothing in a closet for a year, it should be given or thrown away. I consider some items of my clothing keepsakes and just keep them for sentimental reasons. It’s kind of fun to put on a blazer and check the contents of pockets to see when it was last worn. “Let’s see; here’s the program for my niece’s wedding.” She’s 32 now and has three kids. Maybe I’ll put that out for the Epilepsy folks next time. It doesn’t fit very well anyway.

I think I’ll organize my closets myself and give some money to charity.

My life seems to be tied to my microwave. I found a new edible product which is microwavable. It’s a soup in a kind of fiber/paper bowl. It has a plastic lid with vent holes over a removable metal cover. You take the lid off, tear off the metal cover, put the vented lid back on, stick it in the microwave, and in one minute, forty-five seconds you have a bowl of soup just like Mom used to make… if she lived on Mars.

I tried it, reducing the time because of my microwave’s super powers, and it turned out pretty good. I mean it tasted as good as possible for something stored in a paper bowl at room temperature for a couple of months. Of course Mr. Microwave had to make it interesting. As it got going, there was a series of loud pops which caused me to think, “Oh, no; not again.” It didn’t explode, but it caused me a great deal of worry. I wonder if the people who design these things have a part time job making IEDs for El Qaida?

I still haven’t gotten used to people walking along talking loudly on cell phones. It’s kind of spooky. I hear these loud voices carrying on a conversation and I see one person. I’m thinking they’re talking to someone nearby, but no; they might be in a conversation with someone in Jersey City. They have no worry about who hears what they’re saying. One young lady was walking along with a dog shouting a series of profane statements about the dog to someone a satellite away?!

Take a widow(er) out to lunch this week. alnada2407@gmail.com 


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