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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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The Emperor has no clothes! (10/17/2012)
From: Valencia Gaddis

A delightful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen tells about two swindlers who convince the emperor that they could create a suit of clothes that would be invisible to those who are incompetent, stupid or unfit for service in the kingdom. His subjects play along, of course, not wanting to lose their jobs. And while the emperor secretly acknowledges the clothes to be invisible to him as well, he throws himself into the ruse, even parading through the streets with everyone looking on. When a child points out the inevitable, he realizes the townspeople are seeing their undressed leader. I believe President Obama is a lot like that emperor, being deceived by the media and his teleprompter into believing that his disgraceful performance is OK because he is still a likeable guy.

Even for those lucky ones who have jobs, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage household finances, with skyrocketing gas prices that drive up the cost of goods, reduced household income, and looming healthcare taxes and penalties. And if anyone has ever maxed out a credit card, you know how difficult it is to cover the principle, much less the mounting interest debt. How is this country ever going to pay off over $16 trillion in our very generous but unsustainable government handout system? I’m not referring to SSI and Medicare, here. Indeed, we’re literally borrowing money from China to pay Libya! (What’s wrong with this picture?)

The Barack Obama we saw on the debate stage the other night is the real Barack Obama, without his “clothes” and without a plan to solve our nation’s grave problems. We’ve been led to believe…

· The war on terror is all but over, even while our brave diplomats and warriors are being slaughtered;

· That we don’t need to know about the $90 billion that has been given to Solyndra and other failed green energy businesses;

· That we must rely on Mideast natural energy resources instead of our own;

· That a Federal government serving over 300 million people does not need to operate under a budget;

· That the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share, even though they represent a giant’s portion of employers who are already crunching the books to see if the new mandated healthcare costs will require more layoffs, or if they can just pass the cost on to the consumer;

· That more Federal oversight is beneficial, when we’ve already seen the price tag of that philosophy!

I am ashamed at how the President parades himself around on talk shows and the campaign trail, demonstrating little substance to his “Presidential” rhetoric, touting his “job created” numbers without mentioning his “job lost” numbers, calling his opponent a liar as if he were some bully on a school playground and continuing to make campaign promises that he hasn’t been able to keep thus far. It’s time the “townspeople” began seeing his abysmal failure as the leader of this great nation! Let’s put a real leader in charge. Mitt Romney has a proven track record in his business, with the Olympics and in Massachusetts. He can do this!



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