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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Until the truth be spoken (10/24/2012)
From: David Foss

Would it be wise for all Americans to refrain from listening to the media? Should there be a blackout of the media? Could such a thing reverse and eventually repair the damage that the media has brought upon America? Be the solution to a very serious national problem? There is an urgent need for the truth to be told. Why would this blackout be a good thing? Isn’t the media broadcasting the truth? Well, if a poll was taken, the overwhelming majority of Americans would agree that the truth from nearly all of the media vanished long ago.

Would the media be proven guilty of giving out false information, withholding the truth, carelessness and blatant neglect by not informing Americans about anti-American men and women?

Is the media siding with those who are anti-America?

Which networks that are not telling the truth is obvious. The majority of Americans are getting their news from networks that are not telling them the truth. If reporting of the truth does not begin, the media will be putting all of America in jeopardy of losing more and more of that which made America a most-blessed and great nation.

If the truth was being told, all of the anti-American governmental officials in Washington would become known and would become a target—and rightly so—for dismissal from office?

Can the majority of those in the media explain why they vehemently criticize and demonize those who are pro-America, while praising and supporting those who are anti-American?

Several decades ago most Americans had respect for the media because all the networks were broadcasting the truth; however, the truth is now only being broadcast by a few individuals, so respect for most individuals in the media no longer exists.

Are hate-filled commentators putting Americans in danger by not reporting the truth? How can concealing information about reprehensible men and women be good for America? Why are so many in the media “braggadocios” for men and women that are a threat to Americans good and right way of life? Most in the media treat good folks with scathing and contempt.

Once people have listened to all of the major networks there should be a massive departure from the networks that are not broadcasting the truth.

If we don’t put pressure on the media to quit defending, promoting and praising dishonorable and unsavory leaders (?), the American people will continue to be governed by those who are determined to destroy more and more of what made America a great and blessed nation.  


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