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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Good morning God (10/24/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Each day as we awaken let us resound these words in our hearts and on our lips, This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad. Then momentarily reflect, what next? Raise your minds and hearts to your Heavenly Father in prayer, offer Him your prayers, joys and works of this day. You are doing as Jesus asks of youto pray always. A friend recently shared the following prayer with me. Perhaps it could serve all of us: Dear God, I want to thank you that today I have not been upset, spoken unkind words to anyone, or had any bad thoughts. But Im going to need your help and grace because Im just about ready to get out of bed.

Years ago it seemed we had a special day to accomplish our work tasks - Monday wash clothes, Tuesday iron, etc. Then of course theres a shopping day. For my daughter Lynette and me, its Saturday. She is so kind as to do that for me. Groceries are our last stop. By then Im about ready to drop. Anyway it seems the norm at the checkout, the checker will ask, How are you? Ive often wondered just how I am to respond to that. I hate to tell it like it is, Im tired. They perhaps dont really want a rundown of any of my problems. But it just seems fake when we just say, Im fine, and Im really not much for lying. Maybe this is the answer. Lets mentally glance at the beginning phrase (this is the day, etc.) and realize how lucky we are to be alive. Then with a smile plastered across your tired face say, Im fine, thank you.

If we can just go about our day with love, forgiveness, and gratitude in our hearts, our reward will be one of gladness and joy. On the other hand, if we carry around the baggage of past grudges and unforgiveness in our hearts it weighs us down. They shield our life from the joy God wishes us to have.

Time just seems to fly by so fast, try to live each day well - for God and others. Every night give yourself a little checkup (examination of conscience). Have I done my work well and done some kind deed to make someone happy? Perhaps write someone a letter of encouragement, enclosing your love and Gods blessing. Then as our bodies grow weary of a day well-lived, let us close our eyes in peace and drift off into slumber land, waking refreshed to another new day. Again, good morning God and those around us. This all repeats itself over and over until at some unknown time each one of us will go to sleep in the night of our world and wake up in the morning of heaven. Good morning God, got a room for me? And save one for all my family as well.

God had a morning too, born into the world on Christmas Day. He had a night as well - Good Friday, as He died upon a cross. But He also had a resurrection on Easter Sunday, as we will as well.

Our faith teaches us God is everywhere, so actually we hide nothing from Him. Letter to the Hebrews 4:12-13: No creature is concealed from Him, but everything is naked and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must render an account. When we die, God has our records all ready, our judgment as well. Lord I pray and trust let this be heaven for me and all my loved ones. Prayer and trust is such an effective combination for our concerns, let us all use them.

Jesus, I trust in you.



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