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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Let God in (10/28/2012)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Let God in. Sometimes it seems like with all the issues staring us in the face, its getting to be more and more of a godless world. Yet I know in my heart thatís not the right way to feel. I need to harken to the words of Blessed John Paul II, ďBe not afraid.Ē If we have God in our life we can know there is a special hope we can hang onto. God is constantly knocking and waiting at the doorsteps of our hearts, to be invited in. So much of the world justifies not wanting to answer that call, thinking they just donít have the time. Between their jobs and their social life there doesnít appear to be any room left for God. Sports, yes, other relationships, yeah, but then say no to God! Keep this in mind: What will God say to you when you meet up with Him someday?

Iím just afraid His reaction will be, ďI donít know you, depart from me.Ē He will remind you, I told you whoever believes in me will have eternal life. How can you know me if you donít let me into your life?

Parents, we have such a great responsibility when we cooperate with God and bring children into the world. I think nowadays with all the worldly allurements, much of our younger generation doesnít fully understand that. All the noise of the world adds to this confusion. We need some quiet time to give some thought to the fact we are not only to prepare our children to make it in this world, educationally and in sports, but to prepare them as well to exit this world with preparation for an eternity in heaven.

Now as I look back (canít change the past) I wonder, did I balance my time well between the physical and spiritual needs of my family? I tried to feed their bodies well. Did I do as much for their souls! Teaching them the importance of prayer, faith, hope and love, did I teach them humility, fortitude, forgiveness and the like? I must have because they are all good people.

I think now is the time to share with you a story on the lesson of forgiveness. Perhaps thatís something many of us struggle with to some degree. That was brought home to me last night on a program called ďCatholicism on Campus.Ē A mother told a story about her daughterís murder many years ago. At a young age she was a most unusual very talented child, at 18 months she knew the alphabet, and continued to be a special child in so many ways. Had several degrees, she eventually chose a college in Pennsylvania to pursue her career. She wanted to somehow influence and make this a better world. The family was led to believe their daughter was moving to a great safe environment. They were not aware of a rapist killer on the loose, who eventually stalked her and one night entered her dorm room and murdered her. The police asked the family, when we find the murderer, what do you wish his sentence to be? They of course suggested the death penalty (this family was well-rooted in forgiveness, as they grew up they learned anger and hatred were a sin). They said no - life without parole.

After four years the murderer was arrested. Some time later his mother spoke to the mother of the murdered daughter by phone, crying together for two hours, trying to comfort one another. Isnít that truly a lesson in forgiveness? Lets all learn it.

P.S. Happy 18th birthday Harley, Oct. 20 (our granddaughter). You had an early start 1 lb. 5 oz. Look at you now. A lovely young lady. We wish you Godís speed. 


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